Monday, September 19, 2011


As many of you know I write for The Cloth Diaper Whisperer, usually about once every six to eight weeks.  If you cloth diaper, or know someone who does, it is a fantastic blog (not because I write for it, but because it is a great resource...had to clear that up).  As I have (obviously)been out of the blog world for quite a few days, I missed the day that my post about washing a disposable diaper was published, but you can read it here.  It was a total fiasco (the washing ordeal, not the blog post).  So I did not was a disposable diaper.  Not me!  (Linking up with Not Me Monday which has returned!)

I've been out of the loop because:
A) #1 switched shifts at work which always alters our entire family's schedule
B)  Homeschooling Snug two days a week is rewarding, but also takes a lot out of me
C) I am SO tired at nap/bedtime that I rarely do anything but fold laundry and lay on the couch.

We had a great weekend as a family, and I have some nice pictures to post...later.

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CM said...

Congrats! That's awesome!