Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Police Softball Vegas 2011

 The whole reason we were even in Vegas was to play softball.  Not me personally, but #1.  There is a game for wives but I am not athletic and I don't think playing ball is on the "Approved" list from my midwives!
 The park that they play at is beautiful.  Each ball diamond is a miniature replica of a real professional stadium.  So fun!
 On Friday night, after winning their first two games, we watched an all star team made up of selected players from police teams that were there play against the Wounded Warriors softball team.
 Each of the wounded warriors is missing a limb or a hand/foot.  They lost their arms/legs/hands/feet serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. And they play softball.  Well.  The all-star team won, but seriously the fact that these guys play at all is just awesome.  And they were SO young.  I'll bet the average age was probably 23.  They gave a lot to serve their country.
 Here's the team lined up before the game.  As you look down the line, most of the legs you see are prosthesis.  The crowd in the stands was not cheering for the police all-star team  :o)
 The view from the stadiums is awesome.  Mountains in the background, perfect (but HOT) weather.  It was great.

 We tried to get ourselves in a few pictures too.  Cause we were there-not just scenery!
 #1 plays first base.  He had a pretty good tournament.
He had two home runs and a few good hits.  I was really proud of him!

This slide was really funny.  After he slid in and was safe he had to hold the base and put it back where it belonged.  The fields are astro turf and the bases aren't really stuck down so that people don't get hurt sliding into them.  I have another picture of him facing down the third base line, towards the outfield, hugging the base after this slide.  
I think I heard that there were seventy some teams at the tournament from all over the US and Canada.  In his bracket (they have to split into different brackets or it would take FOREVER to run the tournament) I think he said there were about 30 teams.  They finished 4th place.  Not bad!


Jenilee said...

looks like so much fun. :) what a great getaway for you guys!

Anonymous said...

We had a lot of fun and ENTERTAINMENT back here with your kids! :)