Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not Creating Pumpkin Drama

 We have visited the same pumpkin place since Snug was born.  Actually, it has moved  locations, but I think it stayed in the family as all of the "props" have stayed the same.  Every year we take a picture in this pumpkin cut-out.
 Each year we take a little wagon ride and pick out the pumpkins everyone wants.  They're pre-picked, but still fun to decide.
 There are lots of animals to pet.  They have donkeys, rabbits, chickens, pot-bellied pigs, goats, llamas, and a horse.
 Snug wanted this BIG pumpkin, but I think it was like $25 so the answer was "no".
 Rosebud didn't even pick out a pumpkin, so Monkey Man did it for her.  She was just too busy walking around.
 LMM loved the animals...especially the pot bellied pigs.  These are piglets, and they were kinda cute.
 Everyone loved the horse.  He is old and gentle and very friendly.
 I'm not sure what I like most about this picture.  Rosebud getting nuzzled or the look on Snug's face.
 This boy would make a good farm kid.  He'd have stayed forever if we let him.
 Snug really doesn't love getting his picture taken, but sat still for a minute so I could get his yearly "shot".
LMM can't get enough of the camera and wanted me to take several pictures.  Then he insists that he "see them".  
A lovely day at the pumpkin patch.  The end.

Oh I so wish.  The boys' favorite part about going here is that every year they've had a huge straw pile to jump in/play on.  You can see last year's picture here.  Seriously, if you didn't click there go do it.  The kids have changed SO MUCH.  And I can totally tell I was editing photos back then because they look much much better.  Oh well.

Anyway, when we got to the straw pile/pit area there was a sign that said you had to buy a wristband this year.  And they had the area  snow fenced in.  Very different, but whatever.  So we went to purchase a wristband.  I'm thinking $1-$2/kid.  Wrong.  $5 per PERSON who wanted to go in.  Rosebud would have been free, but $20 to go play in straw?  For that price I could have purchased some bales down the road and made our own pile.  We had to tell the kids no, and they bawled.  Seriously cried their little hearts out.  And we got after them for not being grateful for the fun time they had and took them straight to the van...but after awhile #1 and I decided really, we'd have cried too.  It was what they were really looking forward to.  And charging that much (especially for adults as well) is crazy.

I typed up a letter to the owners of the farm, but I haven't sent it.  I just explained that although we know the growing season was tough, that was a little...steep.  I told them how much our kids love going there and how we buy our pumpkins there (for MUCH more than we could at ALDI or Wal-Mart) because we want to support local farming.  I explained what a fiasco it created charging for straw play and how our kids were sorely disappointed.  But I didn't send it.  I don't want to create pumpkin drama.  For now it sits on top of our desk.  It is nicely written...very sincere.  I just can't decide whether or not to express my feelings on the whole thing or just let it drop.  At first I wasn't sure whether to even write a letter.  Then I was sure I should.  Now it sits all typed up...and I am unsure again.  What do you think?


CM said...

Send it. They need to know. And I agree, that is pretty steep.

Great pics! Love the horse one with Rosebud, so cute!

Anonymous said...

I say send it too. If they want to raise money, they should sell (if they don't already) Fall-themed baked goods and some drinks along with having all their pumpkins for sale. Charging $5 for a few bales of straw so the kiddos can play isn't right. They probably spend about $20 total on the straw, and $5 is way too much a person. $.50 or $1 per person is reasonable even, and they would make more money with those prices..

I can't believe how big Rosebud is getting!!!! WOW!

Esther said...

Send it. Those prices are ridiculous. I bet you're not the only one who skipped it.

Deb said...

Send it. I had to leave a message for a local farmers' market saying that if they couldnt call to tell me how much some things were, I couldnt make the extra trip to them if i could go somewhere that had prices posted online or they would actually answer their phone.
We also have a stand up the street that all of the sudden had a sign for $3 to park (on a busy corner you can barely get off the road for anyways) I never saw a single car (or person!) there once the sign was posted.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Okay first let me just say that the kids have changes SOOOOOO much since last year!!!! ALL THREE of them!!!

Secondly, ummm yah, $5 a child is way too steep!!! Do you know if there were other parents in your area disappointed with the change??? If the market changed hands, then it might just be beneficial to send the letter to remind them the reasoning for which your family chooses to continue supporting their business: Family friendly environment at a relatively low cost...they will sure lose patrons if the prices are so steep!

Okay, I'll get off my soap box... Getting soooo excited for your family to grow!!! And I LOVE that you are not finding out gender as it's already getting me guessing as to what Dray Baby #4 will be! It doesn't seem that long ago that you were at our house telling us!!!