Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby Shower!

A bunch of the girls from my ladies Bible study/young families class at church threw a baby shower for us last night. It was so much fun, and they have been very supportive and generous. Everyone brought yummy food and we received some super cute girly stuff! Along with that, I have had three moms give me beautiful hand-me-downs so this girl is set!

So did I take any pictures? Of course not. Could I take some right now and show you?

Well...I could...but I have already put things in boxes ready to move and the though of unpacking anything just makes isn't gonna happen.

Here are some things we have had the blessing of getting:

Onesies, little dresses, sweaters, sweatshirts, outfits, jammies, , shoes, pink and purple sheets, receiving blankets, pacifiers, diapers (I take disposables to church if I have them), and a couple of toys.

I am not driving unless absolutely necessary these days because I have a lot of pain in my lower abdomen/legs and I don't feel very safe doing so. #1 got the boys in their jammies and then drove me to the baby shower last night (the girl who hosted it lives on our rental house street!). On the way Snug wanted to know where I was going and I told him a party-a party for Hannah. He has showed zero jealousy about this new little addition...but he did have a bit last night. He was really upset to think that Hannah was going to eat cake, and he wasn't. I asked him "does Hannah eat right now?" He said "" Then I asked if he thought she was really going to eat cake and he laughed and decided that no, she wasn't. Ok, technically she did eat cake via me, but we were not getting into that.

The other day he asked, again, how we were going to get Hannah out. I reminded him that we will go to the hospital and that the doctor will take her out. This time, that answer didn't suffice. He said "How? How will he get her out?". I tried to change the topic but he promptly said "mommy, there is something you are NOT telling me". He cracks me up.

Tomorrow the plan is to move some of the junk things that collect when you have children out of the garage and to the new house. Along with that we are going to try and set up the nursery there. I will not be doing any of this, I am, as Snug says, "the coach". I will take pictures of that if it happens, and then you can see some of the cute girly things we now have. I am not taking tags off of anything until she is born though.

We also think that that we will be moving next weekend. WOW!!!!!!!

**On a very different note, Officer Walsh's funeral was today. #1 got to see some of it at work as it had been recorded and put online. I guess he was quite the guy, very professional, and some of the stories shared about him as an officer and dad were just so remarkable. Please continue to pray for this family.


Jenilee said...

Yeah for a baby shower! :) enjoy all your girly gifts! and I'll be praying for a smooth move for your precious family.

MONICA-LnP said...

Too cute Snug wanting to know "how"!
good luck on the move

mrs. fuzz said...

You have some busy weeks ahead!

About the quinoa cookies. They do have whole wheat flour in them. There are recipes online that are gluten free however.

I also tagged you on my blog if you aren't too busy. :)

Cop Mama said...

"Mommy, there's something you're not telling me!" He's a smart little boy! Too funny!

Take care and take it easy!