Friday, March 19, 2010

Yesterday's News

After starting Financial Peace University a couple of years ago, haircuts were one of the first things we "cut" out (yes, I crack myself up). I get mine cut once, maybe twice a year (and it shows, I have the WORST split ends...but no matter) and I cut Snug and #1's hair. If that shows, don't tell me because I think they look halfway decent all things considering!

However, Little Monkey Man is a different story. He has really nice hair, and I like it longer. I don't trust myself to cut/style it so he went in yesterday for his second haircut. His first haircut went well, so I figured this one would be easy too. The back was getting REALLY long, and #1 kept calling him "mullet boy". Even where we live that isn't really a compliment.
So we popped his second sucker of a lifetime into his mouth (most hard suckers are gluten-free) and plopped him into the chair.

Not. Happening.

He cried and slobbered and tears were just streaming. So he had to sit on Grandmommy's lap...because mommy doesn't currently have a lap. Besides, who else was going to capture the moment on film camera?

After "our hairdresser" started working, he calmed right down and did fine. I love this girl. She's cut my hair since I was just out of college. She is so patient with kids.

Within just a few minutes we were done and all the crying and slobbering and runny nose were just a memory...or just traces of fluid on his face.
I realized as I was doing this post I didn't get an "after" picture of the side/back. It was trimmed in the front, cleaned up/styled on the side, and about 2 inches off the back. Perhaps I won't get "she" quite as much out in public. People always dress their girls in Thomas the Tank Engine, don't they?

In other news, I had an OB appointment (35 weeks!) yesterday. Everything is normal. She's sitting tight. I was a bit dismayed to discover that I weighed the same yesterday as the day I had both boys (who had parallel pregnancies). Something tells me in the next 5 weeks I will continue to get bigger. So something tells me she will also get bigger. If I go 5 more weeks, she will be well over 9 lbs.

I know, I know, lots of people have babies that big. I just never wanted to be one of them!

I told the nurse I am REALLY uncomfortable when I stand or walk very much and I feel like she is going to fall out. It gets downright painful in fact. She kinda laughed, said that was normal in the third (or fourth or more) pregnancy. She just said I am "all stretched out" and it gets more "crampy" with each kid. Isn't that nice? I am all stretched out.

A GOOD thing about my appointment (not that her being perfectly normal and sitting tight isn't good, it really really is and I am so thankful)was they had "Pregnancy" magazine sitting in stacks for moms to pick up. This is one of three magazines this month that have BumGenius diaper coupons in them. I knew the coupons were out there, but didn't want to spend the money to purchase the magazines...defeated the point of saving money! The coupons are pretty much buy one, get one free!

That is a HUGE deal with BumGenius diapers, let me tell you.
I may or may not have picked up two magazines so that my mom could also buy one get one free. I have my eye on two shades of pink and two white (go with everything) ones. Now I just have to budget them into April! I bought my first BG diaper about a month ago as Little Monkey had outgrown several of his pockets and was in need of at least one more diaper(the two white ones I am getting he can also wear...and I guess the pink if we get in a pinch). I got it in 'Ribbit' in case any of you CD moms care, and I LOVE it. They are everything everyone says they are-including, unfortunately, pricey. I can't believe I have cloth diapered for over 18 months and didn't own one. If you are looking to start with cloth diapers, I'd recommend you get at least one and try it for yourself.


Cop Mama said...

Oh yes, the dreaded hair cut! My 21 month old screams every time. He has to sit on my lap and I basically hold him in a vice grip until the lady is done! Love the pic of him sleeping on Daddy, way adorable!

Wow, 35 weeks! Soon, very soon!

All Things Family said...

OH my gosh, those haircut pics make me laugh...even more so b/c I took Boosta to get his hair cut and he screamed and threw a hot fit the entire time...and some of his cut is crooked...she did the best she could with the kid I gave her!

MamaBear said...

I only get mine cut a couple times a year too. It's been 5 months but I'm going to wait one more month so I can have it cut and styled before a family wedding in April.

I thought of you tonight when we pulled out our envelopes to see if we could go out for pizza. If PapaBear and I pooled our fun money and took everything out of the family fun money we could have the rest of the family could have gone - I'm stuck working on a book tonight....we decided to make homemade pizza instead so we didn't blow the rest of our fun money for the month on one outing.

For our first month on a budget, we're doing pretty good. Thanks for your encouragement to get started!

Kristen said...

My little one needs a haircut too... again...

Great deal with the BG dipes! I'm a cloth diapering mama as well! Every little bit helps!

Anyway, I am visiting over from Jenilee's blog. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Melissa said...

Glad you were able to get the BGs and try them out. I LOVE them myself and Ribbit happens to be my fav :). I think they are totally worth the money if you can get them and a deal is even better -- I got about 1/3 of mine for free. If it makes you feel any better, which it probably doesn't, I felt the same way with my 3rd pregnancy and I weighed more and he was certainly way bigger than I ever expected. But as big as he was when he was born, he's actually under the 50th percentile now! Hang in there - you are close to the end. Can't wait to "meet" your little girl!

CFMama said...

I did the bumgenius promo through Kelly's Closet

You didn't need to clip the coupon and send it in. Check it out I know there was a code you had to enter. I found it on their facebook page.

I might order another one =D

The Alburger Family said...

I love the BG pocket diapers but the AIO takes forever to dry!! I may have to order more but I do wish the pockets came with snaps.

Jenilee said...

that is cute! I love that picture! :) glad you found some coupons!

Rebecca said...

Cute cut. Good for you taking the Financial University, I've heard amazing things about it. The Mr. buzzes his hair to save some cash and we talk about me cutting the kids hair -aaah we shall see.
Anyway congrats on your milestone of hitting 35wks! Not much longer to go now. Bet you can't wait to meet your new family member :-) It really goes quickly from here. I'm already amazed that our little guy is over a month old now :-o where did that go!
LOL I have to admit there are some pics of me as a little one with bad hair and looking rather boyish. So that said, every mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. Super cute cut and post. Thanks for sharing.