Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Needs Toys?

We are learning to live with less, much less, being at the rental house. This beautiful afternoon Snug used his resources and had a fabulous time outdoors.
A pencil, an old trowel found in the backyard, and a random spoon (not from MY cupboard) made for a bit of fun. We have quite the mole problem in the side yard (and by we I mean the landlords!) so his digging didn't really make much of a difference...all looked the same.

Digging out a mole hill.

Finding worms.

"Planting" stuff.

And this little guy got up from his nap in time to have some fun in the sun. Because of his lingering cough and ear infection, he was dressed quite warmly...but it was only about 55 out.

So toys? Who needs toys?

Oh but the thing abouttoys...they sure are FUN :o)

And even though we love resourcefulness and playing with whatever is on hand...toys really are a big part of our fun!
I haven't been online much, and haven't been very good about reading other people's blogs. I'm sorry! My mom is here and we haven't seen her in a couple of months. I appreciate all of her help around here, and her company. So I'm not online much. Don't worry, I'll be back!


Cop Mama said...

Woo hoo! Bring on Spring! I love little boys doing what they do best...getting dirty!

Yay, your mom is there for a visit! Take care and have a good time. I hope you're feeling well. I bet you are getting excited for Hannah!

MelArcile said...

I love seeing Aunt Jeanette there! Glad she made it back before baby girl made her appearance. :)

Kim M said...

Nice pictures and looks like Grandmommy is having just as good a time as the little guys!!

Two friends in two days with two new babies, getting me more excited for your little one (in God's timing of course!)

Aunt Kim

Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi! I just followed the link from Jenilee's blog and ended up here for a visit! :)

I know what you mean, especially with boys - toys are not necessary! My boys make toys out of everything outdoors - sticks, rocks, bugs, ropes, bricks, shovels, dog dishes... you name it!

Nice to meet you. :)