Monday, March 29, 2010

The Kampers

I met my friend Liz a few years ago when my CILTS from camp went on a camp visit to Camp Barakel. We take the girls to another camp each summer to do a compare/contrast between camps and talk about different camping philosophies/schedules/programming. She had actually grown up in sister camp to ours and graduated from CILT herself. I liked her immediately!

Fast forward to this past summer. Our girls visited Barakel again and Liz helped give the tour (she and her husband work full time there). Barakel is always so gracious to us visiting and the girls have a good experience. Anyway, when we met up with her she was wearing her youngest in a sling. Later we discovered that she cloth diapered. One of my girls came up to me and said "um, are you two related or something????" Hardly any of my girls had ever seen baby wearing in action until they met me, and none of them knew anyone cloth diapered except myself. I had to laugh, and say that no, we are not related.

But we are sisters in Christ. The Kampers are going from one ministry to another. They are currently training and raising support to be missionaries in Honduras. You can check out their blog here. They need prayer, financial, and technical support (Liz would like to do more with their blog). Our family's "day to pray" is the 29th of each month, which is why I am posting today! We have a magnet on our fridge that reminds us that is our specific day of the month to pray for them.

I wanted to post a picture of them, but she is technically savvy enough to make it so I can't "steal" pictures off her blog! I am not technically savvy so I can't help her with her blog questions, but maybe you can!

So today I'd like you to join our family in praying for the Kampers as they begin a new journey in their ministry.


Megan said...

Oh my, I know them! They went to Spring Arbor, how funny is that! Small world.

The Kampers said...

Thanks for the shout out Jenney! And that's funny you couldn't get a photo off our blog! Oh well, someday I will figure out how to make a button so you can show your support!