Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have a smattering of things to share this Sunday evening. It has been a rainy day, but I am so thankful that it didn't appear to be raining (at least not at our house) while #1 was helping a family from church move this afternoon. He's getting VERY good at moving. If the whole policeman job doesn't pan out long term, he can always work for a moving company.

We are expecting nicer weather as the week goes on...into the (low low) 70's this week! Sunshine is expected for us while we move on Friday and Saturday. Because his department is running on fumes as far as manpower goes, #1 can't take any time off to move, so we'll be doing the 7am-2:30pm shift both days. That's ok, we'll get it done.

I don't know what got into me. I will blame it on pregnancy brain, but I never posted about my dinner with a new friend! A couple of weeks ago, Jenilee and I met up for dinner and conversation. It was so fun. We are actually moving quite close to her, so it will be nice to visit with each other when we can. I stole this picture from her blog as I didn't have a camera with me. Again, I am blaming pregnancy brain.

Our house is in utter disarray. I am trying hard not to pack, but having things sitting everywhere is not how I like my house to be. I do have boxes sitting out that I can put things in as I discover them...nothing heavy. This sitting around thing may drive me crazy, and it is doing nothing good for my boys. They have seen quite a bit of March Madness. Little Monkey says "ba! babababa!" (ball) and claps for them all. I think March Madness just describes my life.

I am really tired because I switch where I am sleeping at least two times a night. There is no way to get comfortable. I am convinced of that. Any tips?

We had a really great service at church today. Of course, I spent a good chunk of the service in the foyer listening because it was so hot in the sanctuary I could hardly breathe and kept having contractions. I really wanted to go to our Easter contata tonight, but I am not driving by myself and I wasn't sure I could sit through it anyway. I'm sure it was really good though. Snug and I are discussing Jesus' last week and he has lots of questions. Good questions!

Well, happy Easter week to you all, I will post whenever I can...going to get even busier around here!!!!


Amanda said...

You are SOOOO so busy!! With wonderful life changes of course!!

Love the pic!


Jenilee said...

it was so fun to meet you too and I had a great time. Sorry you are having so many pregnancy things going on... She will be here before you know it! :)

PS: I think we took down and put back together our crib 3 x too. :)

Kevin P said...

I'd love to hear some of Snug's questions! Perhaps another post...

Cop Mama said...

Yay for meeting bloggy friends IRL!

Hang in there! The sleep thing...lots of pillows for support!

Take care :-)

Rebecca said...

Oh I feel your pain. I just had my little bambino in Feb. I had the hardest time sleeping. I ended up sleeping in the lazy boy chair most of the time b/c it was the only place I could find rest let alone sleep. I hear some use those big pillows. Anyway hang in there it is temporary. Congratz too.
Good times with your girlfriend - how fun!