Saturday, March 6, 2010

What Does YOUR Daddy Do?

I have to laugh when we go to parades or "touch a truck" and Snug's favorite part are the "woos", as he calls police cars and ambulances and such. He has literally grown up with them. I can only imagine when he goes to school that his friends might be a tad jealous of his "contacts". Moving out of the city where my husband works he won't be seeing daddy "at work" quite as much, but still.
One of the benefits of working in the city where you live is that (at least for his department) #1 can come home for supper. Most of the guys eat out, but he chooses to come home and eat with us and chill with the boys for a few minutes. Most of the time the boys don't even look twice at his belt of gadgets, but tonight they were all curious.
Snug really liked the handcuffs. Honestly, he has seen this stuff many times before, but whatever. **Cop Mama, #1 wanted to know if you were thinking "Hepatitis shots much????" as you saw this picture**

The boys wrists don't even begin to fit in the cuffs, so they thought it was pretty funny. They do have "kiddie cuffs" for kids, no lie. My husband isn't in the schools much so he doesn't carry a pair.
Not everyone gets to personally explore a cruiser each and every evening (which he doesn't, just once in awhile). It was really really nice weather so Snug wanted to go out and see Daddy's "woo". I got a really good picture of him next to the side of the cruiser, but because this is the internet, we don't publicly share where my husband works. I guess it doesn't REALLY matter because he has people out "after" him day in and day out...a big reason why we are moving to a new city. But still.
The funny thing is, Snug does not know what his daddy does. If you were to ask him, he'd say something like "helps people". We prefer him to have that explanation :o)


Erin Morgan said...

When my dad was a paramedic, I loved it when he would come home during his shift on a friday or saturday night. He'd bring his partner with him and we'd eat together. Or they'd stop by when we had friends over. I was always so proud of my dad and the cool stuff he got to "play" with :)

Mama Hen said...

I love this! We don't live in the same city that OH works in but are close enough that we can go have lunch with him. The kids LOVE running around the station (even got to see him book someone once...the sergeant kept telling the kids, "Don't forget to wave!" Ha!) and poking around the cruiser. It's so fun for them!

Amanda said...

Well, its the TRUTH!! He DOES help people! ANd I, for one, and so grateful! Your DH is a cutie!
(kiddies are too, as always!)


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

We have a great friend down the street who is a cop for our city, and Dan LOVES to go on ride-alongs. Our kids see him as a big nice guy--it's great for kids to have such a positive view of police men. Tell Snug his Daddy's a hero too! :-)

All Things Family said...

that is so cute! What a fun "daddy job" to get to tell about too!

Jenilee said...

looks like so much fun! if I get pulled over around here I'll have to ask if it's your hubs! :) thankfully, that has only happened 2x in my lifetime! :) anyway, didn't hear back from you about the 23rd?? just let me know!