Monday, March 1, 2010

Blast From The Past

Oh I have so so much in my head, I feel like it is swimming. I think I felt that exact same way last year on March 1, which was a Monday also. Didja know that? Here is my post from last year if you are interested:

It was a Not Me Monday post and I was feeling very overwhelmed with both #1's health and Little Monkey Man's (who was Baby J back then). Well a year later we are still having trouble with his health, but thankfully #1's health is great!

I took Monkey Man to the allergist today and he does NOT have food allergies. We are so thankful for that...but in the words of the allergist "this is good news, this is bad news". The bad part is we still have no idea where the diarrhea is coming from.

His diarrhea was so bad this morning that I ran OUT OF DIAPERS AND WIPES at the dr. and had to resort to filling a diaper cover (I was using fitteds/covers today) with tissues to absorb the mess. Can you imagine? Oh our exam room REEKED. I am so sorry to everyone who came after us. Every time a nurse or the Dr. came in I was changing and other diaper of nastyness. They agreed it is NOT normal for this to be happening, but had no answers for us. They did ask if we were sure he doesn't have Celiac Disease. I'm not sure of anything at this point.

Ok, back to looking at the past. I started blogging about two and a half months from when Monkey Man was born. I can now look back (and share with you) how things were at the same place in that pregnancy as this one! Here is a post from about the same time:

Snug is 20 months old in these posts, same as what Little Monkey is now. So fun to look back and see what he was like back then, he's changed so much!


Deb said...

We didnt smell anything when we were there- dont worry! I am praying so hard for you right now! So much that this all gets figured out before the new ones comes. Please let me know if I can do anything for you... even change some diapers to give you a break! (which I would have done yesterday in the nursery had he needed it).

All Things Family said...

poor Monkey .....hope they can figure out what's bothering his little tummy soon....hate it for you..and him...

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Poor Monkey! I hope you get to the bottom of it soon!

Oops, no pun intended. ;-)