Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
Well, so much has happened in the last week. Last Monday I was showing off Snug's new haircut instead of letting you all know just how bad I had been. Since then...
I did not start giving Baby J formula after all the fighting against it I had done.
I did not spend an average of 2 hours a day crying this week. That would accomplish nothing, so I did not do it anyway.
I did not gag and then get kinda happy when Baby J gagged at the taste/smell of soy formula. I am so not like that.
I did not cancel Draycare three times in one week. Once for Baby J having a fever, once because I was not having an emotional breakdown over Baby J's growth, and again today because Snug has a fever/vomiting/etc.
I did not step on the scales and then think just for a tiny second that perhaps I need Grave's disease so I could lose some weight. I will not be so relieved when we know more of what is going on there...
I did not get so stressed at one point this week that I did not buy 2 liters of pop and drink them. I am giving up pop, so that was definatly not me. Ok, giving a little strong, but I am trying to only have about 8oz once a week or less.
I did not get very envious in the nursery at church yesterday that other babies were doing so many fantastic things. I do not envy. Not Me.
I do not think that Baby J has the most beautiful little face on him and that Snug's smile could win over the world.
I did not leave random comments on BlogBaby so that Ringmaster could win a headband. A headband people. C'mon.
I do not wonder why Ringmaster's name isn't Ringmistress.
I did not tell Snug to be quiet and go to sleep at nap time when he said he had to potty. I always listen to those requests and take them seriously. He did not have a large BM in his pants during his nap. Upon awakening he did not say to me "I tode you mama".
I am not worrying again about the doctor's appointment for #1 today. I will not be twittering as soon as we find something out.
I did not frost over a section of cake that Snug had stuck his finger in before taking it to a church function. I did not do it after another mom said that is what she would do. Not Me! (Oh Christine and Janelle I know you are never going to eat anything I bring to church again!)
What on earth did you not do this week? Please tell me because I NEED some laughs at this point.


All Things Family said...

Hey girl! Hang in there w/everything! I know you're having a rough run of things right now. Too funny about the BM in his pants! And love the cake thing. If it makes you feel better, I made a fruit salad last week for a brunch and Brett somehow knocked it out of the fridge and about half of it hit the floor. He grabbed the loose fruit and shoved it back in my container before I knew what had happened...and we have dogs that shed! How gross is that! I did check the fruit for hairs before taking it anywhere..but YUCK!

Kim M said...

Remember you family in Michigan is praying for you today! We love you!

Assistant Ring Master said...

It's often difficult to understand the situations God places us in, isn't it? Praying for you and your family!
By the way, I am actually the Assistant Ring Master (the helpmate of the Ring Master) and I never thought about naming myself the Ringmistress - funny idea though! Something about the word mistress makes me shudder a little :)

Jenn@mylifewiththecrazies said...

Here's hoping next week is a better week for you! Stopping over from Mckmama's

Tanya said...

I've never drank 2L or more of soda either. I think about Grave's disease when I get on the scale too, but I already have the opposite, so unless I double up onmy meds I'm out of luck there.

Christine said...

Hi Jenney ~

Actually, I heard you say that Snug put his finger in the dessert and then I went and had a piece of it anyway -- and it was still delicious! :) I'm such a mom and a teacher; things like fingers don't phase me. Praying for you and #1 today!

JD said...


I'm praying for you, have been since I started reading your blog a while back. Our youngest, Jillian, and similar issues to Baby J, so much so, that every time I read your blog, it brings me back to those frightening days. I can honestly, honestly, honestly say that I DO know how you're feeling, that I understand what you're going through.

I'm praying, and I'm here if you need someone to talk to.

I don't have my blog open to the public full time, just on Not Me Mondays, but I'd love to add you so we can keep in touch. If you'd like that, let me know... ladybugs999 at hotmail dot com.