Friday, March 6, 2009

Quick Update-UPDATED

I took #1 dinner at the hotel tonight...he is going STIR CRAZY and he'd only been there 4 hours. We decided to take the boys swimming (Baby J had never been) in the hotel pool. Daddy stood in the hallway and watched through the windows. He used a washcloth to touch all doors and there were no other people in the hall at the time. He was able to witness:

~Snug swim "by himself" with his Spiderman armbands and Pop Pop/Mommy very close by
~Baby J's first time in the pool with help from Grandmommy
~Mommy try to take video of BabyJ's first time with a video camera that had a dead battery.
~Snug vomit all of his lunch and dinner into the pool and onto the side of the pool. He chocked on some water and then everything came up...I was surprised to see not only dinner but lunch as well...completely undigested. Nice.
~All above family members immediatly exit the pool

For those of you who know us, like in real life, and would like to cheer #1 up, please leave a comment with your e-mail and I will give you his cell phone number if you would have just a few minutes to call. He will be at the hotel until Monday morning.

**Written Previously**
My dad is just arriving at our house, so I don't have much time to post. I am very blessed to have my parents here for the weekend to *continue* helping out. They are so good with the boys.

#1's procedure went well and as they promised, no side effects that he can feel. He is now quarantined in a hotel room for the weekend. I will be taking him meals.
He simply drank some radioactive stuff that no one else can be in the same room with...and left.

Snug is feeling much better, but not eating much. He begs for foods he hasn't been 'allowed' to eat for a few days, but once he gets them takes a few bites and is done. If you know Snug personally, you know this is so not normal. He normally eats about as much as I do in one sitting.

Baby J continues to be himself...nothing more to report there.
Thanks for the prayers...I will keep you posted.

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