Saturday, March 14, 2009

200th Post, Hospital Style

I have to admit I have both been looking forward to my 200th post and my blogoversary but this is not how I envisioned the 200th post. No, it isn't my blogoversary, but it is coming up very soon. I'm not sure if it is just my computer/connection, but there are many elements on my page here that are not blogoversary button, Snug's age chart, and my blog counter to name a few...anyone else not able to see them?

Anyhow, I am blogging my 200th post in the dark next to Baby J's jail cell bed. Normally I blog in my living room after the kids are down for naps or bed. I have a nice cup of hot chocolate or tall glass of water. I upload pictures and arrange to my heart's content. Tonight I am just barely staying awake long enough to pictures, although I did get some cute ones of Snug getting to visit, and a couple that demonstrate just how Baby J does look like he is in a jail cell.

Nope, I am just going to give you all the information I can process right now.

1. No NG Tube. Evidentally vomiting 12 hours worth of food/liquids (it was literally everything) when you are supposed to keep everything down and have 2oz/2 hours doesn't warrant a tube feeding. They keep saying it is coming, and then no, it isn't. I get myself prepared to see it and then we don't have to do it. I am so glad he hasn't been put through that so far, I think it would be very traumatic for him.

2. His cough/cold symptoms are getting worse. His fever (a tiny one at that) from Friday is gone. He did vomit once today, but that was the first time since Friday.

3. He still isn't really having wet diapers. I think I could spit more into a diaper than he is urinating at this point. I have been frequently walking him by a big fishtank in the lobby hoping that seeing lots of water will make him want to go :o) Ok, ok, we like to look at the fish...

4. Monday they are doing an endoscopy (help my nursey friends) down his throat to look at his esophagus, stomach, and small intestine...wasn't too sure about if they would do a biopsy at this time or not...

5. The 2 GI doctor specialists I have seen are almost convinced he has celiac (spelling?) disease. The resident I had today didn't think so because he doesn't have a history of dirrhea. When I asked what else they would be testing for/suspect he said he had no idea...if it wasn't celiac they were kinda stumped.

6. We can physically go home when Baby J consistently shows growth...even if it is only a quarter an ounce a day for a couple of far we have been going backwards. This morning he was 13 lb 9 oz. I wouldn't stake my life on it, but I am pretty sure that is less than he would have weighed in October.

7. After losing all his midnight snack(s), breakfast, and lunch all over Grandmommy today he was in a better mood. Much of the time he is kinda lethargic and sleeps fitfully, but he did have some play-with-your-feet good times today. He has since that incident kept down 7.5 oz fluid. PRAISE THE LORD

8. He is not sleeping well. He wakes often and is also irritable when he awakes. He screeches at anyone he doesn't know who walks in the room with a stethoscope...after he has seen you a few times and you don't poke him, he is fine.

9. He has people literally all over the world praying for him. When I start to get too emotional I try to think about that and how people are going before the God who loves my baby more than me. I also try to think about all the kids who are much, much sicker than Baby J.

10. It has been so nice for people to call/visit but if you don't mind, please text us first (our phones vibrate and don't wake him up). It seems that just as Baby J does get to sleep the phone will ring. If you need my cell number to text, leave a message and I will e-mail it to you. THANK YOU all for caring, praying, and contacting us. Contacting us is NOT A PROBLEM...getting Baby J enough sleep is. People are more than welcome to visit, #1 and I love to see you, but we may just talk to you out in the lobby. No offense to you, I assure you. If you do come in, please wash your hands...there is lots of cruddy cruddy going on out there and he doesn't need anything more to deal with.


Deb said...

Are they going to do a colonoscopy with the endoscopy? It doesnt take much longer, they did Bug's in the same procedure time. They probably will do biopsies, they usually do while they are in there. They dont hurt them though, dont worry.
I dont have a texting option! I wouldnt mind you number though ;) Let me know if you need anything!
We'll be praying for ALL of you to get decent sleep tonight.

Christine said...

Hi Jenney! I drove by Children's today on my way to photography class and thought about stopping by, but then I remembered being in the hospital with Clara and how hard it is to rest, and decided I'd better not. So I sent up a prayer instead. :) After you get home, I'll bring a meal by. (even gluten-free, if you need it) My mom has a friend with Celiac, and I have a friend from college with it too, so I've learned some things about it from them. I also Googled, and apparently the way to diagnose it is with a biopsy of the esophagus. Praying for answers soon!! And for some rest for you, number 1, and Jack. Hugs.

MelArcile said...

I like your idea. It would definitely be funny to see everyone's reaction to go from Baby J to a kid twice his size. If I could get away for a couple of days, I would totally come down, just to keep you company. Although, I'm sure that your parents being there right now is a huge relief.
I must admit, it's ironic that this history of GI trouble is continuing into the next generation. Unlucky kids. If I were you, I'd trust the GI dr's over the resident. They have more experience dealing with GI disease.
Ok, still praying hard for you guys. I hope that your night is going ok. Are you and #1 both staying at the hospital? Or is he still working right now? How is he feeling? Don't forget to take care of you too. Baby J needs you to be as healthy and well rested as possible right now.

Kim M said...

I can't thank you enough for your posts to let us know how your precious baby is doing. It is so hard to be the mom and have to trust everyone else with your little one when you are the when God has entrusted for 8.5 months.
So, I wish we lived closer so we could be of some assistance but you do know that we are praying for your little guy and all who come in contact with him. Praying for quick healing.
We love him through and through. His top side and his bottom side, his inside and his outside. His fingers and his toes, his hair and his nose. (Ok, that is plagurism, but we really do love him that much!) Please give lots of hugs and give kisses behind the ear and tell Baby J they are from Aunt Kimmie who wishes she could give them herself.
Love you guys, keep posting.
Aunt Kimmie