Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh Me of Little Faith

Being out and about again people are asking "How is Baby J?" I never know exactly what to answer. He did gain 1 lb 2 oz from what he had been since December (He is back to what he was in November right now) when we left the hospital...but I must admit that I am still struggling a little bit quite a bit with whether or not Baby J is growing now that he is at home. He shows great signs, but yet I know I am a doubter. We have noticed he has gone from not touching to tippy-toeing in his exersaucer! He is very energetic and giggly...and he screams like a pterodactyl when he gets excited.

However, his face looks thinner again today...and I can see his backbone again. I am just so afraid to miss something I think I am focusing on everything.

However, GOD IS SO GOOD. Oh the things he has done for us today. Not that he doesn't everyday, but I think he is saying "Hey, pay attention! I am so taking care of you!" (not that God talks like that...but you know what I mean).

Three things have emerged in the last 24 hours that are such blessings.
1. As I've written about before my milk supply is not where it should be pathetic right now. Although I did pump more today than I have been. I have a generous donor who's breastmilk is as we speak in the US Mail on its way to my doorstep. I will not disclose this person's identity at this time because I haven't asked permission, and I do realize that Milk Sharing is kind of controversial. In fact, until I was in desperate need of it, I thought it a bit...weird. I was open to other people doing it, but it was probably not for me. Well. Thanks to this person, Baby J will be getting the appropriate breastmilk to PediaSure ratio. I was debating not even mentioning this on my blog because it is very personal...but God is so good.

2. My friend Cindi (pretty sure she won't mind me mentioning her here since this is not a sensitive matter) called me tonight and said there was a lady a few towns over who had FREE PediaSure listed on Craigslist. FREE. Wait let me say it again Free. I quickly called the person offering, a little scared to have this be either too good to be true, or outdated, or a little fishy. It was NONE of the above. She is a home visiting nurse who has a patient who was switched from PediaSure to a different feed. They have a few cases sitting around and simply need to make room for the new feed (what Baby J is on can be fed through a G tube or a NG tube as well as drunk). This is the exact same stuff he was on in the hospital. We had a prescription for it from our doctor, but our insurance won't cover it so we have to buy it straight off the shelf in the stores. We will be getting 3 cases (24 cans a case) tomorrow evening. God is so good.

3. Speaking of Craigslist we got Snug his birthday gift tonight. Free. Yep, you read right, FREE. Want to know what it was? An Imaginarium train table. Retail $159.99. I was just searching Craigslist today for this lady who was having people test her cloth diapers for free (never was able to iron it all out) and up popped the free train table. It was even IN our town...and I caught the posting about 5 minutes after it was posted. So I woke #1 up out of a lovely nap and had him rush over and get it (sitting next to their trash at the side of the road). The 'picture' side is a bit scuffed up, but I think you'll agree that the 'green' side is lovely.

Oh, and did I mention it came with all this track and little bridge? No? Neither did the "free" ad. But it was in the table (by the side of the road) nonetheless.

Although I so wish that I had a baby scale so I could check every 30 minutes one or two times a week* just to make sure he is indeed gaining and I'm not missing something, I do need to see all the great things around me and be so thankful for the way God provides.
*I know that you can't weigh anyone everyday and get accurate growth. We learned that at our former pediatrician when they made us go in every 3 days and freaked out if he had lost an ounce or only gained an ounce. It isn't a healthy way to live, nor is it accurate. However, once a week wouldn't be so bad, right?


Cindi said...

You're so welcome. I'm so glad it worked out great. :)

Erin Morgan said...

Jenney - I just googled and ebayed "baby scale" and found a few listings on ebay, for pretty cheap - $25. Perhaps if you had one you could set your mind at ease. We'll keep praying for Baby J!!

Deb said...

Yay FREE! That's my favorite too. :)
Did they tell you to take your prescription to the WIC office? I hope you didnt throw it away... if you did, ask the doc again and take it to WIC and they should pay for it. They are nice like that. That is how Danica gets to drink her $8.50/box formula too.
If I was still nursing I would totally give you extra milk. Anytime after September it would have been all dairy/egg/peanut/nut free, too. And I have a story about this that I wont share on here.
BabyJ was seriously cute tonight. I like his pterodactyl noises. I'm so glad you guys made it :)

MamaBear said...

Yeah for Craigslist!

God IS good! :)

'night friend....