Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hospital 2

If you missed the first part...scroll down a post.
Baby J just took 3 oz PediaSure! Yeah! If we can get enough in him, no NG I am trying. There is no lactation consultant here on the weekends, and I am losing my milk fast b/c he is not/has not nursed well in a couple of my handy dandy ntebook I could look it up exactly...but I am typing pne handed as it is because a certain someone wants to be held...and I am up for that! I guess, as with everything else, my milk supply is in God's hands. I am doing everything humanly possible to keep it up, but the lack of nursing (I do have a hospital grade pump I am using) along with the stress...its not looking good.
Anyway, enjoy the pictures, we have good times and bad...right now he's pretty lathargic, but in a few hours he will perk up.
*The picture on the top right is my FAVORITE. It was taken right before we saw the doctor, about noon yesterday.


CrysRich said...

He looks like such a little trooper! We love you, miss you and are praying for you all...all of your MI family (and beyond) are thinking about you constantly. Thank you for keeping us updated.

MamaBear said...

Thanks for the update. That top right photo is sooo sweet!

Drink lots of water, get lots of protein, and keep pumping pumping pumping. If you pump at home - see if you can bring THAT pump to the hospital. My body didn't like it when I switched pumps, my output would go down because of the change.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jennifer! My heart is with you...I have been there...I know exactly how you feel..."why not give it to him now?", "why are you doing this?", "why aren't you doing this?", "is there anything I can do?"...ASK are his mother and have a right to know...I am praying my heart out and so is a huge network of people on my end (including the Philipines). Love you honey, hang in there. Hugs and kisses to everyone...let me know if you need ANYTHING!!! Katie

Erin Morgan said...

Jenney - I just thought of this... Have you tried "fenugreek" before? It's an herb supplement that you can get at walgreens or probably walmart. I tried it when my milk supply dwindled with Finnegan. It makes you smell like syrup but it might be worth a try before taking a medication that the doctor or LC might give. It takes a couple days to work but I've heard that it works for some women. Keep us posted. I love to hear updates!! Hugs - erin

suzannah said...

as long at you continue pumping, your milk supply should be fine--and he's still little enough that you should produce more once his demand increases.

that's the link to le leche league, ohio. they post numbers of local leaders you can call anytime with questions. they are so great and reassuring, and will be able to offer all kinds of wisdom.

praying for you!

Kristine said...

I found your blog a few days ago and have enjoyed reading it!! :)

We've gone through the weight/eating issues as well. I feel for you and hope that everything works out fine. It usually does with eating/weight.

All Things Family said...

awww...hang in there. I hope you can get answers and get that baby boy home soon. Too bad that he's sick on top of all of this. Poor little guy! Will be praying for you guys.