Monday, March 2, 2009

Beads On A Tether, Stay Together

By bedtime both boys were feeling well enough to be playing together on the floor with our bead run. What? Both boys were what? Let me back up...

Many of the people who read this follow me on Twitter or read it on my sidebar. I didn't tweet much about what happened with #1, I wanted to know what he was willing to share. I was so glad that I got to go with him today, I wasn't supposed to. However, Snug was sick all day yesterday and so I didn't take on any kids.

This was Snug much of yesterday and today. He has had a cough, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and fatigue. Poor baby. My mom, who has gone from being called "Bama" to "Gwama" is here helping with this stressful time. THANK YOU MOM. Because she was here and there was no Draycare, it freed me up to go to #1's appointment with him.

He will be having radioactive iodine treatment on Friday. This means that the boys and I will not be able to have any physical contact with him for at least three days, and will have to be very careful about any bodily fluids etc. for awhile after that. He will literally be a walking live X-ray. We are wondering if he will glow in the dark... This was not the treatment we were hoping for...when we heard there were three options with people with Grave's Disease this was our least favorite option. However, this is that the specialist thinks is best and we didn't really get to choose.

My parents are working with us right now to figure out living situations for a few days after his treatment. The doctor asked that he use "his own bathroom". That is just funny because we have either Snug and I start joining Chester and Lucy in the backyard, I haul him over to the neighbors on his by hourly trips to the restroom or we find another location for either #1 or us to be in...don't worry about us, we have some options up our sleeve and all include Pop Pop coming down to spend time with his he isn't excited.

We call this adding injury to illness. While trying to get to the bathroom to throw up yesterday Snug fell out of #1 and my bed and whacked his head. He can't catch a break. He goes from passed out on the couch and not wanting to eat anything to asking for pizza and be bopping around the house and then back again. We'll see how he feels in the morning.

So yesterday after getting about 5 oz of formula in him Baby J projectile vomited it plus his food all over the place. Until then I (or others) had been able to coax 1-3oz into him. Yesterday he decided it wasn't as revolting as he initially thought and started eating it more readily (thankfully he is sill nursing well). Again today when he had more than a couple oz he threw it up all over. We will not be giving him any for a couple of days and see what he does. He also has a very loose and stinky bowel, but so does E who I babysit for and she is on the same formula.

He could have what Snug has and it is just coincidental with the formula drinking...but he vomits within 3-5 minutes of drinking it, and doesn't vomit after having his food. If he continues to upchuck without the formula I will assume he has the Snug "bug" and put him back on. If we don't have any more vomiting, we are done with the formula. I did call the doctor today and leave a message about what was happening. He doesn't have fatigue, fever, cough or any of the other symptoms.

By bedtime both boys were happily here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.
Thank you all for your prayers and kind comments. We really appreciate it and will try to keep everyone updated...tomorrow and Wednesday #1 has doctor's appointments. Sometime tomorrow we are expecting a call from a GI doctor for Baby J.


Deb said...

I'm assuming you are going GI at Children's. I can almost guarantee they are going to do allergy tests first. We love our doc there- if it was possible, I would make him our family doctor. Seriously. So I hope your experience is as good as ours have been.
And we're praying for you to stay healthy! I know the stress of #1 and BabyJ do not help your chances of not getting what Snug has... I really hope you dont! I am glad that you have help though. Yay for Moms!!
If you cant come Wednesday night, and want extra prayer for anything not on here, give me a call and I'll let the rest of the girls know.

MELISSA said...

Wow. So glad you mom was able to come help. We've had days like that and when mom comes to the rescue it is such a huge help. I hope the kids get over that nasty bug soon and that you can make all the arrangements you need to for #1's treatment. Hang in there!

All Things Family said...

Poor baby J and Snug! Zaden had a stomach bug and he only threw up after eating...didn't really have a fever, but did have the loose poops. I think he got the least of it of all of us, and it just didn't hit him as badly. Hang in there.

CrysRich said...

Oh, Jenney...I just read on Twitter about your washing machine. I don't know how you do it, I would be losing it right about now. I hope the boys start feeling better soon...I'm praying for've all been in my thoughts so much lately. I hope things start looking up soon.
Love you and miss you all!

MamaBear said...

Had a thought today - have you had Snug tested for Strep? Vomiting and fever is a indicator even if the fast test comes back negative, the 24 hour on can be positive...

Nice work on the carrots!! We've started letting the dog have more table scraps in his old age. He'll eat cooked carrots right up.

Megan said...

So sorry to hear about all your yuckiness! I'm praying for the health of all your boys and for complete peace and energy for you. Wish I lived close so I could help out.