Saturday, March 14, 2009

At The Hospital Part 1

I am calling this "At The Hospital Part 1" because we know we will be here until at least Monday...and seeing that I, for the first time in many weeks, have nothing to do, I am sure I will be blogging!
I know that there are so many of you out there praying for us, thank you. I have even referred people who don't read to this site because it is the easiest way to update a large amount of people.
We don't know much...but I'll give you a run down of the last 24 hours

I would like to start off by telling you that if my friend Katie hadn't come with us to the specialist we would have been even more overwhelmed. She was certainly a blessing. She knew just the right questions to ask, and was very encouraging. I felt a little like a deer in the headlights, blindly following nurses and aides around and hearing lots of information. Thank God for friends. I will have to tell you sometime how I even know is an interesting story.

After arriving at the specialist and settling the four oldest children down for McDonald's lunch (that they don't normally eat under my care and were thrilled to have) in an area that specifically said no food and drinks*, we got to go in to see Dr. K.
I was very happy with her, and she took Baby J/Me/our situation very seriously. Baby J is fighting a bug of some sort...not nearly what Snug had last week, but he is not interested in eating/nursing and she admitted him soon after seeing him. I was shocked about him being just seems so...huge. I can't even describe how I feel or what we need, but so many of you have asked to help.

The staff here at Children's is great, and we have been well taken care of. There are a few things I've been confused about, but they have pretty much cleared up for me.

Baby J has an IV in his arm, but no bag. They want him to be getting as many calories as possible, and IV makes him not hungry/thirsty...just hydrated.
An NG Tube (I may be spelling that wrong) has been ordered since yesterday but still not put in. The GI docs want it, but the floor staff/docs don't. Not sure what all is going on there. I do know it is very uncomfortable/painful and that if he doesn't have to have it it is better, but on the other hand he's had 5 oz of fluid since midnight and I'm getting more than nervous. His output is also next to nothing.

Baby J is not nursing at this point. When I try he is either biting me or just kinda hanging out for comfort. I have begun pumping every hour, but I have never pumped well, and since he hasn't nursed well in hours going on days, my supply is not great...not that he's demanding much, we are kinda coaxing everything in, but I'd like to not lose my milk.

Part of the 5 oz was a little PediaSure they tried on him seems how he will not, will not take formula at this point. He hates it. He loved the PediaSure and they may give him more, although they do not routinely give it to children under 12months. PediaSure smells like vanilla milkshake...I might even drink it (no, I'm not going to, just saying...)

He has lost 3.5 oz since we arrived at the hospital. This has to stop. In the words of Dr. M today, "He can't afford to lose" (sooo....why do we not have the NG tube???)
He had blood taken yesterday, one of the tests is for Celiac Disease. We won't know the results of that test until at least end of next week, but Dr. M took one look at him this morning and said he was to have a scope test/possible biopsy Monday. She says he "looks like a classic case". Ug.

Anyway, this is the best way to keep up with what is going on. We have been very blessed with phone calls and texts, but it is hard to keep everyone updated all the time. Hope this helps. To God be the glory...he loves Baby J more than I ever will be able to or imagine. Thanks.

*The staff never said anything, and were very complimentary on the kids' behavior...I really think they didn't mind as long as we didn't leave a mess.


Faith said...

Jenney, I wanted to let you know that we will be praying for you and your family during this unsure (and I'm sure...frightening) time.

I pray that Psalm 6 may give you some comfort. David was in anguish over his troubles, yet God still provided comfort to him when he needed it the most. I pray God will do the same to you and to Matt.

What a mighty God we serve!

Megan said...

I have been checking your twittering on the side lots and I must confess I don't even know what twitter is! But I am very thankful for it so I could keep up with what is going on with you and your sweet boy.
I'm praying baby J starts eating. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers constantly.

MELISSA said...

Praying for you Jenney! I know this is a very difficult situation for you. Baby J is in God's hands and He has the power to heal. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you 500 miles away!

Erin Morgan said...

Oh, Jenney - I've been praying for you for the last 2 days straight!! I know the doctors will figure it out. How's #1 holding up? I'm thankful your parents are in town to help too. God is great and you are right... he's right next to BabyJ and is holding him in his arms. He knows everything that's happening and will heal him!!

MelArcile said...

praying constantly for you guys. thanks for the update.

The Alburger Family said...

I am praying for you!! When I heard he was getting admitted yesterday I thought, I wonder if they have ever tested him for celliac's... if that is the problem then at least you will know and most of it is controlled by diet. Keeping you all in my prayers!!! I wish I were there to be his nurse for you all. Sending lots of hugs for your little man!

Deb said...

Danica had to get tested for Celiac's too. It sounds scary, but it'll just put you in the same club as Katie and me with a list of foods to avoid for him (and you I guess until he's done nursing).
If you need company anytime, I have the option of being completely childless from now until 7am Monday. And then after 5 on Monday. Or if you need me to bring you anything. Seriously!
Otherwise we will definitely keep praying! And I will keep checking your twitter :)
Those will give you something to do for at least a few minutes anyways :)

Anonymous said...

Jenney, Jesus is right there with you! This is the first I've read of your situation, but now have bookmarked your blog (FINALLY) and can keep posted. I am and will continue to pray for you guys..... and for the Lord's healing on little Jack.

For your comfort.... if Celiac's IS the issue, children usually regain weight and health QUICKLY after getting on the appropriate diet! I don't pray for that to be Baby J's problem, but I do pray that it will be something, Lord willing, manageable and that he recovers quickly!

My love to you.