Friday, March 20, 2009

The Drays, Today

My blog is called "The Drays Today". It is about the everyday things that we do as a family of four. My husband is a police officer, and together we run a home daycare that we call Draycare...because we are just so witty like that crazy. Most of you know that, but my counter on the sidebar shows that in the last week we've had about 2,000 people visit...and many of you may not actually know those things.

A few months back I wrote a compare/contrast blog entry in answer to my cousin Melissa's blog entry. It was simply showing how different we are, but how we are still good friends. Some people say friends are the family you choose...I am very blessed to have family that are friends. In that entry I had commented that though she (Melissa) loves having lots of readers and "secretly wished she had as many readers as MckMama or CF Husband," I was super ok with a small following of close family and friends. I would feel very odd writing for an 'audience' because my blog was started to record the day to day activities of our family for my own amusement/stress relief, and for my side of the family who lives mostly in Michigan.

I also share random things about babywearing, cloth diapering, having a home daycare, trying to eat healthy, breastfeeding, and being on a budget/Financial Peace. If I had tons of people reading, I didn't think I would feel comfortable sharing those things.

However God used my love of writing my thoughts down and taking photos for more than just my own amusement. I do not know what I would have done in the past week without blogging. It was a way to inform many people prayer warriors about what was going on with Baby J without having to think; Who have I talked to? How much info did I remember to share? Plus I was having trouble relaying information without getting too emotional. Obviously more than just a few family and friends have been reading. THANK YOU to everyone who was reading and praying.

Now that Baby J is doing well most of you will not continue to read the rambly thoughts on life I have, because I am neither witty nor interesting enough for a grand audience...but if you do choose to stay, welcome. This is just the Drays, today.

What? You wanted to know what we did today? Oh, of course you did. Well, Draycare was up and running had Mother Hen here today, while I caught up on housework slept 4.5 hours (my mom** is still here and she played with the kids). #1 got back to working out and was very glad to work his muscles after days of sitting in the hospital. Snug developed a nasty cough due to his allergies (he is highly allergic to trees *they are budding like crazy* like his mommy) and went to bed early. Baby J was happy happy all day, and not a lot of crying. I am sure having 3 adults around to meet his every whim helped, but it was nice anyway. He is eating like crazy, and because he is supposed to be having breastmilk along with the PediaSure and my milk supply continues to be inadequate, I am looking into alternatives...more to come on that I am sure.

**THANK YOU to my mom who watched Snug, was a big encouragement, got lots of people praying, and even ran Draycare a few times. I'd love to post a picture of her right here for you to see, but seems how she doesn't like to have her picture taken/featured on our blog or flickr account, I will refrain. She does appear from time to time...but tonight it would probably be a bigger "thank you" not to put one up :O)


Deb said...

Thanks for the little update :) I'm glad your first whole day home was a good one.
Did I ever tell you that I grew up with Tricia (of CFHusband)? we went to church together until she moved away. Just thought I'd share :)
I hope and pray that you guys have a great weekend and start to get back into normal routine... and to see you next Wednesday!

MamaBear said...

I can't remember when I started reading your blog, but the re-introduction was nice to hear. I'm always a sucker for family pictures too. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Beth Irish said...

I am Soooooo happy to hear you all transitioned well back home. Jack (and James) look great in your photo and seem to be as happy to be back together as you guys are -- great picture! I am leaving in the morning and am very happy to have this last update -- I left my computer on just in case -- now the Red Wings are over and I can safely go to bed because you have blogged as well! Will check back in with you in a few days -- Love and Prayers for you all -- AB

Deb said...

I know this is random, but what do you use to 'wear' BabyJ?

Kim M said...

Praise God from whom all blessing flow! I am so grateful J did not have to endur that restrictive diet his entire life! Many thoughts and prayers for all of you as you settle back down to your normal? regular? busy? crazy? okay, day-to-day life!
Love ya bunches,
Aunt KIm

Mandy said...

I understand about the blog being the way to stay sane. I didn't do a blog back when Grady was so sick but I did post on their website so it was very therapuetic for me to write things down each day. I also printed stuff out for his baby book.
Glad you're home and life is getting back to normal!

nancy said...

It was a real joy to read your blog this p.m. Now I don't have to wait until the morning to get the update from your Mom.

I am sure you will all sleep well tonight.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every minute of helping out and living with Snug-- the entertainer! Thank you SO much for no pictures of me ! ! ! Mom