Monday, March 23, 2009

No Not Me! Monday

I am not doing "Not me! Monday" today. Instead I spent the time I would normally blog praying for Stellan. In case you don't know who MckMama is, she is the creator of "Not Me! Monday" and due to the fact that her baby boy is in the hospital and in grave danger, she of course didn't post a Not Me today either. As I spent the time this afternoon praying for Stellan, and for Abby and Kaleigh, and all the families today who are in hospitals all over the world with sick little ones, I knew how to pray. Because we know how hard it is to see your baby sick and have no answers...because we've been there.
I was going to just leave it at that and not blog at all...but then I remembered what a powerful tool blogging can be, and with the large "reading group" I have accumulated over the past few days...and felt that I needed to at least post and ask you all to pray too. Because what a mighty God we serve.
-The donated breastmilk came today, safe and sound, and Baby J took it easily.
-Some family members, who know who they are, paid for the shipment (VERY costly) for us. THANK YOU to everyone who was involved with this. It is literally keeping him alive and his organs healthy.
-We went and picked up the 576oz of free PediaSure tonight.

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