Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday, Hospital Style

I'd almost forgot about Not Me Monday until I got MckMama's tweet a few minutes ago. I was actually firing up the ol' computer to get an update I am going to do a combo deal. A Not Me! Monday hospital post. Hang on, this has been a crazy ride. (I can't upload any pics to Blogger right now...)

*For those of you who do not normally read my blog, Not Me! Monday was started by "MckMama" to relieve a bit of mommy stress and admit all the silly/crazy/dumb things that inevitably are a part of motherhood. If you want to read more of those, you can have around 400 entries to choose from for your reading pleasure if you go here. You know, because you are not reading my blog at work or while your kids are running around the house...

First things first. I will give the official medical updates.

Baby J was on NBM (nothing by mouth) from midnight last night until he started squealing his head off at everyone around 8:30 this morning. We then learned that his first test wouldn't be until 4:15 this afternoon so he was put on a clear liquid diet at which point he has had 18oz of Pedialyte (not the PediaSure he has been having) since 9:00 (writing at 10:45). Wow. It goes in one end and we can literally see him filling his diaper as he sucks them down. They come in 2 oz we have been giving them to him as fast as we can switch the nipple. He is now back on NBM until after he recovers from the anesthesia.

The Upper GI has been moved to Tuesday at least here through Tuesday. We can go home when he is off the IV and gaining for 2 days. That doesn't seem possible to me seems how he hasn't had gain since November...and I don't plan on being here until June thankyouverymuch. He was 14.2 oz today, but his IV fluids are at 100% so he has no physical way NOT to gain as they up his IV. Now if he doesn't get the IV fluids changed he could level out again, and not gain. You can't reject IV fluids basically...they just go right into your veins.

Other than that, we know nothing. I'm working on getting a therapy dog up here to see him because he loves animals and once his Pedialyte wears off...or runs directly through him, he'll be pretty mad at us again.

If you can't tell, we are in pretty good spirits today. Baby J is fairly happy and we have the tests we have been waiting for within sight. If baby is happy, mommy is happy.

This week I did not...

I did not bring 5 children 4 and under to a specialist appointment at a large hospital.

I did not violate policy and feed them all a super healthy McDonald's lunch.

I have not broken down and cried on at least 100 occasions, and then within minutes be totally in control. Not Me

I do not get a bit annoyed when everyone thinks my son is "such a pretty girl"

I do not miss my other son so much it hurts sometimes and try to make him sit on my lap when he visits even though he wants to play hide-and-seek.

I do not hide in the shower and behind the privacy curtains making that 2 1/2 year old laugh his head off.

I do not secretly love that hospital food (which I get for free because I am nursing) is totally unhealthy and the stuff I try not to eat a ton of at home but "have" to eat here. not me

I have not come to terms that my days of nursing are very numbered even though I have fought so hard to keep it up until he is one. I am not relieved to have the doctor's blessing to pump and bottle feed because my son has not bit me until I am bleeding and bruised in the last few days. Not Me (I also have not gotten irrationally emotional about this very hard decision, as I watch my son slug down bottles of vanilla cake batter PediaSure.)

Thanks for the prayers and the encouragement. 4:15 is a very important time today and we covet your prayers. Please pray that not only do they find nothing or nothing serious, but that when they remove the IV he starts gaining and never looks healing. No matter what the outcome, God's will be done.


Megan said...

Still praying. Hope 4:15 comes quick!

Kim M said...

So, does this mean your milk supply has increased? That was something I've been praying since I read that in an earlier blog. It will seem like forever until 4:15 p.m. and then while he is in the test, it will seem like forever. The good news is they get immediate results, whether negative or positive.
When miss was sick and had the upper GI, it took all day for that stuff to get through her system - so we need to pray that when he has that test tomorrow, it go through his system timely so they can get the test done.
Love you guys.
Aunt Kim

Deb said...

Less than 3 hours as I type this... I'm praying so hard for you today!
I cried a lot over not nursing Danica as long as I planned. But sometimes you just gotta do what a gotta do. And do what's best for BOTH of you.
Are you so glad you dont have to supply diapers right now? And I totally agree with 'KimM', maybe since his digestive system is getting so cleared out today, the stuff tomorrow will get through him nice and quickly too.

Beth Irish said...

OK, 5th try. This is getting to be time consuming. I have written several "nice notes" and they all get blown away because someone in the "Publish" world doesn't like me, and I can't call my "blog expert" to figure it out. So, I am once again writing to tell you we are all praying for you guys and love you very much. We will be especially praying at 4:15. Love, AB

MelArcile said...

Hi Cuz. Glad to hear that his test is over. And that they seem to have an answer for you guys.
I didn't know that you had a blog about cloth diapering?!? Did you know that MckMama is going to post on that soon? I'm so looking forward to reading it. She said she's doing some sort of massive cloth diaper giveaway too.
As far as the basketball blanket goes... I think I lost it at the Vegas airport. I had it before we got on the plane and didn't once we got to our seats. Jeremy refused to try to get back down the aisle to check for it, so it's gone. I'm hoping that Mrs. Morse will make me another one... Grayson is swaddled in a towel from her for naptime right now... shame on me.
Looking forward to more updates.

All Things Family said...

Hey girl...been thinking about/praying for you guys today. Hope you get to go home soon. Oh, and we also stopped nursing right at 8.5 months b/c someone was biting me...even when I pulled him off, said no, sat him down, and tried again later! Sometimes they're just ready to stop I guess! (note here that I did get pregnant the very next month! Be forewarned!)