Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday, Stellan Style

If you have not heard about Stellan or heard his story you are either very new to blogging or have not read my blog in over a week or are living under a rock. Today's Not Me! Monday is being posted in honor of little Stellan, and the entire MckFamily. Emily is hosting Not Me! Monday, Stellan Style and you may too if you click here.

So I was actually thinking of doing something along these lines yesterday. I first though of just not doing Not Me! Monday and making sure people clicked over to My Charming Kids to pray for Stellan as Not Me! Monday was started by MckMama.

Then I thought about doing a Not Me! Monday post telling all the things that I of course would not do, that I am pretty sure MckMama would never do either.

Then I read Mama Bear's blog and discovered that Not Me! Monday was being done Stellan style and decided to join in. So without further adieu...

Not Me! Monday, Stellan Style
I did not keep my phone ever so close this week to make sure that I didn't miss a tweet about Stellan's condition....I did not even keep it on during church just in case.

I did not almost choke on my drink when I saw the new button (see below) because the angle it was taken at or something made me think that they had a picture of Baby J when he was in the hospital. For the record, he and Stellan look nothing alike 99.9% of the time except that they are both white, male, babies and probably weigh about the same.
I do not let Snug do what he is clearly not doing in the picture below after I am done pumping. This does not gross my husband out to no end. He (Snug) does not say "Mmmm, Momma milk!"
My son did not have a "dying hissy llama fit" about having to get out of the recycling truck at the museum when his turn was over. He is always well-behaved and mild mannered.
I did not take 3 children under the age of 3 to the museum by myself for a few hours this morning. God gave me a brain and I use it to its fullest. I would never attempt something like that by myself.
I am not elated that my diapers are all hanging on the line right now getting some good old fashioned sunshine. I did not have to step over 5 doggie doodles to get to the clothesline to hang them.
So please, please continue to pray for and check up on Stellan. In fact, run right over to his mama's site now...we are!

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