Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Night

Are all these pictures starting to look the same to you? Me too! I wish I had something else to blog about, trust me!

Today we learned that the biopsies are not back yet, maybe tomorrow they say. Yes, yes, maybe tomorrow. Maybe Friday, maybe next week. Hey, why don't we move in? What? 1/2 our house seems to be in the room already? Oh, maybe we already have moved in! Sorry. It is just hard to hear "maybe tomorrow" so many times.

Tonight at 6 they had family time in the Family Resource Center. (Liz, does all this bring back memories? Thanks for the tips on how to 'live' here...we seriously appreciate it...I am so sorry you guys had to be here so long) Snug came and colored a little and played with all the toys. Baby J just enjoyed watching the other kids play. Some people from the Greek Orthodox church in Dayton were there as volunteers to play and do crafts with the kids. One of the ladies knew two guys #1 works with, as they attend church there also. The volunteers here are so great with the kids. It was nice to visit with Snug in a 'normal' setting, instead of trying to get him to behave in a hospital room and not have him play with the "baby jail" raising/lowering mechanisms, run over nurses, trip on an IV pole, or be too loud for other families around us.

Speaking of volunteers, we have several in and out every day. Some are here to make sure we have insurance and can pay for our stay, some are here with service dogs, some are here to lend out movies/video games, some are here to play with the kids, some are here in case you need counseling, and one very creepy man was here to see if we needed ______________. Can't even remember to tell you the truth. He walked in as I was changing Baby J and I think I stared at his beard for a full ten seconds before I even acknowledged he was speaking to me...I was just a little shocked. He had a beard, braided, that went down to the middle of his chest. Then he had straight 'Jesus hair' (not trying to be cheeky, just...well, that describes it best) that was WAY longer than mine. As he talked to us he kept looking all over the room...weird. We told him promptly that we needed nothing. I so didn't want to be weird, but he was not what I'd expect to find walking into my son's room in a children's hospital. Maybe because I was wearing my Harley t-shirt they thought we were major bikers and he'd connect with us...who knows. OH, I remember now, I looked back at my Twitters. He was there to make sure that all the staff and volunteers were up to our expectations and were doing everything we needed. Um, yes buddy, until you walked in looking like Mr. Biker Gang and scoped out our entire room, we were completely satisfied. Move along now please! (I am not exaggerating, he was looking EVERYWHERE...perhaps it was the fact that we have 1/2 the house here...)



Mandy said...

Just browsed your blog.
Praying that J keeps gaining and can go home soon.
We've spent over 40 days in the hospital with my son Grady. I so know the stress you're going through.
I hope you're able to get answers soon. Docs are great at promising answers but then taking forever to give them. Don't they know how nervous we parents get when we have to wait!?!

All Things Family said...

too funny! I wouldn't have liked that creepy man in my room either! Am traveling tomorrow, will check your blog when we get to my parents house! Good luck and hope you get some good news!


Cindi said...

Jenney-Just know that I am praying for you and your entire family. I don't know if you're aware but I had left a voicemail last week and I spoke to your mom? at your house today. I just want you to know that you are not alone. As far as needing information, if indeed it's celiac, I an assist you in dietetic information (I'm sure though that you will have teaching before leaving if indeed that is what it is). I used to work in the Dietetics department there and have some basic knowledge of "special" diets. If not, I have several resources that would be helpful.

As far as that creepy guy-if it happens again, please call your nurse or nurse aid. They need to be aware. Typically CMC is very particular on whom they allow to be on the nursing units. That was very scary....

Hugs to baby J for me and Snug. I haven't been over to see them for a long time.

Hugs to you too!

ktheath said...

Good Morning to the Drays. Don't know if you received my message yesterday or not but we are all praying for answers soon...I have three home with 100 or higher temps is so interesting how a wedding ring can also give you a "mommy nurse" degree on top of everything else we do...hang in, KTHeath