Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Wacky Weekend

Ok. So. Hum, where do I start? Well, #1 spent the weekend at the hotel denuclearizing (is that a word?) himself. I don't think he's ever had so much time to himself in his life. I spent the weekend with Baby J, my parents, and a sick Snug.

Ok, so he was sick off and on. Let me explain. Eat...feel good. Play, feel bad. Throw up. Feel good, want to eat...and repeat. Here he is shooting some hoops. This was Thursday or Friday, I don't remember. Anyway it was one of the good times.

Baby J enjoyed the outdoors too. I was feeling pretty good about these few non-sick minutes in the fresh air...until I took off the snowsuit (ok, its like a jacket thing) and saw that it is size 0-3 months. Then the magic was gone.

So Friday night Snug was feeling great, had eaten lunch and supper and was going full-speed. There was a pool at the hotel where #1 was quarantined for the weekend. Baby J had never been in a pool before. He loved it. I love how chunky he looks in this picture.

Snug LOVED the pool. He is a little fish.

There was no one in the hall and he was across the pool from us so #1 took a peek in at the boys. He was already missing us all.

No really, we are sorry about the inconvenience. Seriously.
Saturday we ventured out again after feeding #1 (I took all his meals back and forth for him) because Snug was feeling well and seemed to be 100%. We went to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. He thoroughly enjoyed himself.
So did a certain 8 month old who is SITTING SO WELL! The afternoon light was perfect in the tree house.

So Saturday went well. Sunday morning I got up at what would have been 5:45 am had we not had daylight "savings" time (don't get me started) and got #1 his breakfast. I left the kids with my parents to meet me at church, which is about a mile from the hotel. On the way to church I got the call that Snug had thrown up...again. It wasn't too bad this time and he felt better afterwards but we didn't send him to church to infect anymore kids. You know, after 8 days we were convinced no one else wanted it (although 2 of the Draycare kids also have got it at the same time as Snug, another got it after being here with him (I did tell the mom that he was sick, but she said it was ok...not thinking she thinks it was now that he has been sick since Thursday).

Ah. I couldn't stand a normal weekend...could you?

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Derika said...

I know how you feel about the size thing! My oldest who is 3, wears 12mos. shorts. We went thru very similar issues with weight gain and it can be so frustrating! He eats well and is healthy, but the Dr's thought he needed to be meatier. What do they know?