Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays

Thoughtful Thursdays is new to me, but I was reading about it on Kaleigh's blog. I think you are supposed to tell about something you did nice for someone else. But I am going to break the rules a bit and tell you what someone else did for us. Ok, many many people have been more than kind to us lately, but here is one of them.
I got my cousin Melissa's permission to share with you all that she is the one who donated her milk supply to me and is continuing to pump daily. I know that Milk Sharing isn't acceptable in many circles, or is 'weird', or whatever you want to think. The point is, Baby J needs more milk than I can produce right now, and she has been so generous to donate hers. Along with the HUGE generosity of family to pay for our first shipment, we have been blessed. (From now on we will make a "milk chain" to get it from Michigan to Ohio without mailing it)
Here's another thing that just kills me. A few months ago our pediatrician told me I wasn't "allowed" to continue breastfeeding. We later (when desperatly trying to get more calories in him) tried multiple formulas and only one didn't make him ill...but he wouldn't drink it. (THANK YOU to Katie and her husband for letting us try theirs is so expensive and to only use 3 scoops of it would have been a waste). PediaSure isn't technically a formula, it is a toddler supplement, but he will take it. However, he needs another source of milk along with it. The formulas we tried made Baby J so sick that if we had indeed continued our GI doctor thinks he would be worse off.
The long and short of it is this: Without donated breastmilk we'd be in a heap of trouble/still trying to figure out how to use a Milk Bank. THANK YOU MELISSA. You are my thoughtful Thursday.


MamaBear said...

How generous and SO helpful of her! I'm so glad to hear that God has provided for your family in this way. I've donated milk in the past, but never had a ton to make a big difference like she is.

I got your new email - is it still ok to hit 'reply' to a blog comment?

Megan said...

I just knew it was Melissa! How sweet!

All Things Family said...

How sweet of your cousin! So nice that you know who it's coming from too! That would make me feel ok about doing it!

suzannah said...

what a tremendous blessing!

that story about your pediatrician makes me furious. sometimes, medical "experts" can be such boneheads!

Blessedw5mom said...

Yes Milksharing is a wonderful thing to both families! Bless you both!