Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'll Take Slow Growth Over No Growth

This beautiful sling-loving, babylegs sporting, self-sitting, brother-adoring, toothy-drooling, momma's boy has not grown. We had a weight check and he is still 13lb 12 1/2 oz. I was so set on him being 14 lbs. I have tried to stuff him with as much food as he will eat, but we're seeing it backfire on us...again. He went on a nursing strike when we tried to get as much in him as we could a couple of months back, and now he sees a spoon coming and is clamming right up.

He refused to eat breakfast and lunch took over a half hour. He used to consume 1 cup of food 3 times a day without even blinking, but he has more than slowed down in that area. Grandmommy was getting him to eat veggies, not his fave, by sending in a teaser of applesauce first, but he isn't going for that today. He continues to nurse well, and I am thankful for that.

After his not-so-excellent eating today we coaxed 2 oz of formula into him to make sure he is getting enough calories and he immediately threw it all up, along with the lunch I had barely tricked into him. I am about 100% sure he isn't sick with what Snug had because he has no diarrhea, fever, or lethargy. He is alert and happy, he just doesn't want any solids. Smiles and laughs at the doctor, and a short refreshing morning nap. No signs of illness...just not participating with all the food we are 'offering'. He was happy about the bottle, but the bottle was not happy about him I guess. I will try Similac next meal...maybe Enfamil AND Isomel both don't agree with him. Who knows.


Christine said...

Clara turns down food when she is teething and prefers nursing with a bottle. Then a couple days later, she's eating food no problem. Any sign of a tooth? Hugs & hope you get some answers on Friday!!

Kim M said...

Let's send up the praises that he didn't lose anymore - Friday is coming and we know God uses the medical community to help us along. Keep loving and we'll keep praying!
btw: I got a Grayson and Jayce fix today - love the hugs/smiles/songs (Jayce sang the Veggie Tales opening song to us today). Enough to melt a Nana's heart!
Aunt Kim

suzannah said...

oh, that's so frustrating. i wish it were possible to MAKE a child eat!

he definitely could be teething, or for whatever reason, just not feeling the solids. he'll come around!

great picture:)

MamaBear said...

Praise God he didn't get what Snug had! Will continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors and peace of mind for you.

He sure is a cutie!

Sorry I didn't get to write while Sam was in surgery. The bright sun shining in the waiting room made it impossible to see my computer screen. I had all I could do to see to write back and forth with a book client (from Asia of all places!)for a few minutes

Goodnight friend!

Deb said...

I'm SO glad that you came tonight. Those ladies are just a big battery charger- at least for me. We will definitely be praying for you guys. Would it be okay if I linked your blog from my site to get more people praying?