Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, I spoke too soon on Snug's recovery...lunch made a re-appearance. I've cancelled Draycare for the rest of the week. He needs to kick this bug and if Baby J gets it...well...he doesn't have 6 lbs to lose (current weight loss by Snug). What is with these skinny Dray boys? I SWEAR I cook. Can I please get skinny, you know, minus the health problems that accompany it?

Snug Minus 6 lbs
Baby J Minus .5 lbs
#1 Minus 30 lbs
Me +?????


Claire said...

Oh no, poor wee folk! I hope they are feeling better soon!


All Things Family said...

maybe it's time to kick the organic healthy foods and start serving up some hamburger helper and krispy kreme! Just saying what I'd be eating if I was having trouble holding onto weight...which I am NOT! Hope the babies get well soon! Actually, hope Snug gets well soon, I'm sure he'll put the weight back on as soon as he can hold down food! And I hope Baby J doesn't get this ickyness! Oh, and we used to put Enfimil in Zaden's cereal to beef it up as well...he only ever had Enfimil and we never had issues. If you end up using it a lot, let me know, I have coupons I can send you.