Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worldess Wednesday With Words

Not a hospital picture...from earlier this month...just loved his expression...

Wordless Wednesday posts are supposed to be just a picture posted with no words...but seems how people are reading to know what we know about Baby J...I better put up some words!

Well, day number 6 here at the hospital. I wish I had some super-exciting news for everyone, but we don't know anything yet.

Our day starts around 7:00am with vitals and the first round of doctors. After diaper changes, a bottle, pumping, and a general clean-up of the room, I order breakfast and #1 goes and gets a breakfast.

Baby J sits in a swing in our doorway watching doctors make rounds and new nurses introduce themselves (that hasn't happened for us in 2 days...we know almost all of them now) to their patients. We eat breakfast behind him. He isn't allowed to eat any baby food and the sight of a spoon makes him a little cranky.

Next we take a short walk around just to get up and moving. He is supposed to get weighed then, but usually I have to remind them. Today I asked and it got done in the AM like it is supposed to. I guess I should have been asking earlier in the day on other days, but I don't like to be pushy. Today he did get weighed and he is 14 lbs 14 oz. Down an ounce, but that is ok.
We read stories, visit Lily (who has been here since March 4, yuck!), and play with toys until about 10:00. Then it is time for a nap.

He wakes up when his next set of vitals is due and then we go to the Family Center to watch the (non-contagious) children do crafts. Next up is lunch, nap, more nurses, maybe a doctor, and then brother comes to visit with Grandmommy! We have dinner, vitals, play with toys and then he goes to bed about 8:00pm...he usually isn't very good about going to bed here. He finally gets settled completely between 2 and 3 am. Then we start over!

We were supposed to find out the results of the biopsies today, but Dr. M said he didn't think they would be here until tomorrow and Dr. S said she would call the lab and tell them to hurry it up. Dr K (the man one) said he didn't know when the results would be back, but he is happy with Baby J's growth at this point and whatever the results of the biopsies we would be talking to someone about his diet when he returns home and then starting him on solids again sometime. Who knows when though. We will defiantly still be here on Thursday at this point.

If anyone would like to visit, we are "settled" enough now...there are not so many people in and out and we don't have any testing, and we (and by that I mean ME...#1 is always level) are more emotionally settled. Please just call my cell phone first or text so we can tell you if it is a good time. We've had lots of people offer to come, but we've not been too up to it. Trust us, we are up to it now. We may go a little bonkers in fact :o)

Did you know that people all over the world are praying for Baby J? Numerous people have called friends and family in other states to pray, churches across the United States are praying, my aunt who is a missionary has people everywhere praying, we have family in other states including Pennsylvania all of my regular blog readers and lurkers who live all over. THANK YOU. People ask daily what they can do. Pray. And PRAISE GOD he is growing, even if it is at the hospital and his mommy gets mad she couldn't get him to grow at home. Bad attitude on my part, I know. Sorry.

One more thing, if you really want to help. I'd mentioned Project Linus in another post, we got another blanket from them yesterday in radiology. If you are crafty-sewey in anyway, consider finding out how you can make and donate a blanket or two. When you are so scared and worried about your baby, I can't tell you what it does to your heart to have someone wrap a homemade blanket around them and tell you someone made it to comfort you. I would love to know that this project of love will continue for other families because it really touched my heart. Thanks.

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Kim M said...

I'm thinking these next few days are going to be tough - trying to get the info you need, meeting with dieticians, getting him to eat and grow at a regular steady pace. I will pray for all of you, none of this is "normal" so I'm sure you would like to get back to some normalcy in your lives. You might even be thinking of what your new normal is - because nothing will be the same. If he has special dietary needs, you are going to become SUPER MOM and making sure anywhere he goes that people are aware of his needs.
Can't wait to see him healthy and playing at home.
Love to all,
Aunt Kim

All Things Family said...

Glad to hear things are going as well as they can for being stuck in the hospital! Baby J seems to be coping well! As do you at this point! Will be praying for you and thinking about you guys for your upcoming news and test results.

And very cute picture of Baby J!

Mandy said...

LOVE the Project Linus blankets! Grady got one during his March stay and still sleeps at daycare with it!