Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hospital Pictures

Tomorrow we will have answers so they say. We really thought that about Monday. If you didn't read todays medical update, scroll down to the next post. If you want updates faster than I can actually blog, look at the top right hand side of the blog at "Twitter". Some people have signed up to follow me and get updates on their cell phones (text messages) but it is about 50/50 whether they are actually getting the messages.

Snug today...looking cool in his shades, and holding his bear who is wearing an IV wrap.
Daddy, who was just a few days ago radioactive himself, getting ready for X-Ray time.

All papoosed up and ready for X-Rays...can't move when you are like this! Toys were available to distract him.
Vitals being checked by a nurse this morning before going up for X-rays. Notice how full his limbs and face are looking.

Getting a bottle from daddy, but not letting go of his bink. Sometimes he wants nothing to do with his bink, other times he falls apart without it.

All hooked up to the tubes and wires. So glad he never had to have an NG tube on top of all this.

A therapy dog came to visit...usually Baby J loves animals, but sometimes it doesn't matter what your favorite thing is...enough is enough. Poor little guy would love to be home in his own bed.

A very tired little boy...not sure what day this is...must have been Monday pre-operation.

Sunday...passing time at the hospital. I'd have pictures of the Hide-and-seek games, but I am always "counting youself" or "hiding right here".

Hanging out with Pop Pop is always fun.


All Things Family said...

sweet pictures! He does look more full! I know you hate it that he's gaining so much at the hospital..but at least he's gaining! I guess it's because of the IV fluids??

Kim M said...

Jenney, he is only better at the hospital for right now. Home is where he needs to be and where he will thrive, be loved, grow, and simply be him! I am thankful he and you are right there, you will get your plan of action and begin to deal with all you have learned in the last few days. Finally answers! And to think, not one of them catches God by surprise. He is amazing! Keep on loving on him, you are his constant. Stay strong and take care of yourself!
Hugs and kisses from Michigan,
Aunt Kim

The Alburger Family said...

Glad to hear that baby J is doing well. Sounds like his tummy needed a little rest and I think you'll find when you go home he will be doing wonderful there too! Don't get discouraged. (I know this time is stressful for you but as a nurse I do love hearing someone elses perspective on hospital life). I am praying you all will be going home soon!!!! Praying that you get your answers early tomorrow.

Deb said...

Cute pics! #1 looks so pretty in his red dress ;-) Baby J is looking good though. Can't wait to see him looking even better in real life!
I got your comment... I will make sure that I check this right before I leave tomorrow, so I can give an update to the girls. I'm glad things are getting happier now for you guys. Oh- I dont know if the books are in yet, but they are there tomorrow, I'll try to get one to you. You know- with all the time you have to read and everything... especially when you're home. haha.
why are they shutting down your email? I though graduates got to keep it for life. Did they change their minds?

Beth Irish said...

Your blog sounds so encouraging. I love you guys and have been/am praying so hard for all of you. AB

Megan said...

Love your pictures. I am so glad he is gaining! I'm praying you will get some answers toay!