Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thanks Babies R Us

I read on a couple of blogs lately that Babies R Us was exchanging old Avent baby bottles that were not BPA free for the new ones that are. So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter had a post about it a few days ago and I remember thinking "man, if we were using bottles I'd have to check that out". But, I had vowed off bottles so I really didn't think much about it. Well, in the light of our new situation it was back to basics bottles. I had two glass bottles that we have used for Baby J because of the BPA stuff. We hadn't used them since before Christmas...and within 24 hours we knew two bottles wasn't going to cut it. After taking glass bottles with us yesterday I also realized that it was impractical because if they are dropped they will shatter.

I got on the phone and first called Toys R Us that is near here. This is not my favorite store and I don't go there unless I have to. I'm not sure how it has stayed open as long as it has. The gentleman I spoke with assured me that Toys R Us never did exchanges for things that didn't have a recall and not to bother calling the Babies R Us in Dayton either because they wouldn't consider doing an exchange either. Well, I am easily thrown off course, so I waited about 25 seconds and called Babies R Us.
Right away I was on the phone with a chipper young woman who informed me that not only could I do the exchange, I also wouldn't need any sort of receipt. I would not be getting a direct exchange as the new BPA free bottles are almost twice the price of the old ones, but that they would be happy to help me in any way they could. I was glad about the receipt because most of the bottles I received were from baby showers.
I had to sort through my conglomeration of bottles and pieces. I chose three 4oz and three 9oz bottles to take in. I took the remaining 10 bottles (what? I had 16 bottles??? Uh, yeah, and another one at my mom's house...Snug was in daycare so we had them divided between two houses) and put them in a bag to take to Once Upon A Child. They gave me $1.01/bottle. That gave me $10.10 towards the difference in my exchange. I was pretty excited!
The new bottles have a honey tinge to them, evidently the BPA is what was used to make the bottles super clear. I really am ok with the tinge because our dishwasher has a tendency to make things a little cloudy anyway. This has gotten MUCH better since we started using Melaleuca products, but there is still quite a bit of calcium in our water.

I don't have these super-cute sippy cups, I guess they have gotten an upgrade since Snug. Mine are very similar, just no little animals...and mine have handles too. I took them to Babies R Us with the bottles, but they told me they are made from polypropylene and contained no BPA. From what I can tell they are safe...if anyone knows any different, please let me know!
I would like to thank Babies R Us because this is not an Avent recall, they still say their bottles that contain BPA are safe and will not recall them (it is interesting though that 90% of their products are now BPA free and have LARGE stickers on the boxes stating as much). This is just Babies R Us/Toys R Us doing it for their customers. It is a store by store decision. Thanks guys!
*Here was a funny thing that happened while I was checking out at Babies R Us. The lady wanted to know if I wanted a Babies R Us credit card, and I told her I in fact did not. She kinda tried to ask me why and I told her that we do not use credit cards (Financial Peace University). Then she offered me some sort of store loyalty card. She explained that after I bought either 8 or 9 boxes of disposable diapers, I could get the next box free. I respectfully declined and told her I used cloth diapers. Blank stare...then "your total is....". I think she thought I was kidding.


Deb said...

I have a brand new Avent bottle- I dont remember where it came from but it still has the paper inside. You could have taken it with you! The little guy I watch has Medela bottles that are BPA-free too. I'll have to ask where she got them in case I need them for my next one- since that kind will fit with my pump.
How is he doing with the formula? How are you working it in with feedings?

All Things Family said...

Too funny about the credit card conversation! I've always been pretty happy with Babies R Us as far as returns, etc go. That's good that they exchanged your bottles! Keep posting on the baby J growth curious to see if they find anything out that helps or if it's just a milk issue.

Assistant Ring Master said...

Thanks for the Babies R Us info - I'm calling my local store right now!

suzannah said...

"Well, I am easily thrown off course, so I waited about 25 seconds and called Babies R Us."

so funny:)

glad you got some $ back (and some heathlier bottle for your babe.) and you got to share a little cloth diaper gospel to boot!