Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Wow...I twittered about taking stupid pills this week and I really think I did. Here is my not-so-short-list of things of course I did not do. Too bad I can't blame it on baby brain anymore.

I did not drink pop this week...twice. Oh how I wish I could give it up is seriously my vice.

I did not make a quadruple recipe of Draycare pancakes (scroll WAY down if you click that link to find the recipe) for 6 people-that would be enough pancakes for about 15 people. I was trying to double the recipe...ran out of room in my bowl so I split it up and continued to add ingredients...only I kept making a double recipe in both bowls.

My son did not wear a tiny blue turtle barrette to playgroup on Friday. In all fairness, he traded it with another girl and let her hold his precious blue bear...but still...

I did not at the same playgroup grab another person's daughter, plop her in my lap, and proceed to put E's socks on her. Her mother took it very well being a friend of mine, but wow, I was glad it was someone I knew!

Along the same child predator lines, I did not kiss a total stranger's baby I was holding at a Pampered Chef party over the weekend right in front of her. I think it is just a habit, I pick up small children all day long and kiss their little heads. Oh dear. (I did have her permission to be holding, just not smooching)

I did not drop Baby J out of the stroller and onto the floor. HE IS FINE NO PANICKING (because I know my mom and my Aunt Kim just had mini heart-attacks). He was securely fastened into his car seat which got tangled in a blanket and tipped off the stroller. He didn't cry, complain or anything. He just looked at me like "You're gonna blog this, huh?". I felt horrible.

I did not put Snug's blue kid toothpaste on my toothbrush and then try to brush his teeth with it. I did not then decide not to waste perfectly good toothpaste and use it myself. I must say it doesn't leave that minty fresh feeling I enjoy from Melaleuca.

I did not put an Imse Vimse liner into Snug's underwear at a basketball game because it was in double overtime with 45 seconds left and the game was tied. He said he needed to have a BM and I didn't want to clean that out of his pants. Nor did I want to miss the end of the game/walk in front of a ton of highly stressed parents watching their girls in districts! I had JUST taken him to the bathroom between overtimes and I was pretty sure he was just tired of watching the game. I was right, when we went to the bathroom less than 2 minutes later, he just laughed and said he was "all done" before we even got into the stall. They won by the way...go Warriors :o)


All Things Family said...

cute not me's! Sounds like you had major mom brain this week! I get forgetful like that too! Part of it I guess!

MamaBear said...

Ah what would we do without Not Me's to record all the things we do in a week!
Do you use a whole Imse Vimse liner or do you cut/tear them in half?

Jenney said...

I use a whole one, baby size, not toddler. But, as long as they only have urine on them I wash them over and over. I LOVE them.