Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey There Handsome

Snug (would you believe I just typed his real name and had to erase long have I had to use an alias?) got a haircut before church yesterday. I decided it was too uneven and messy. I have resisted putting it this short for quite awhile. He looks SO old to me *sniffle*. He posed for a few pictures, and then was more interested in his balloon. Here's to a new's to being 2 1/2...
This one is a little blurry...I was messing with some settings after my photography class from Saturday...
Still trying to get it right...someone was very patient.

Here is his model pose...really I know nothing about modeling...I am just guessing this could be a pose...
Well, my settings are ready...but he is already distracted...

And with this I was pushing it so I decided to be done!
I have added two new blogs to my list in the last week. No, for those of you who have asked, I do not read them everyday. That would be crazy! They automatically (ok, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't) update when people put up a new post. Then I read them! Usually there are 10 or so updated a naptime I read the first five, at bedtime whatever is left...unless it is a blog with something I've been praying for and then I will read it as soon as it is updated (like at naptime instead of bedtime...or even when I first get up in the morning) so I know how best to pray.
Anyway, So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter is written by a mom who I met her husband when I was doing camp recruitment at Cedarville University a few weeks ago. He noticed I was wearing a sling and came over to discuss it...and then cloth diapers...and then told me about his wife's blog...yep these people are right up my alley!
I added another blog today called Kaleigh's Story. My mom sent it to me, and I was tearing up the entire time I was reading. So, read with a tissue. This little girl is 4 days older than Baby J.
What, no Not Me! Monday? Nope. I honestly didn't go there this week because I wanted to show off Snug's new haircut and put a plug in for 2 great blog. Besides that, who wants to hear how dumb I was this week? Not me!
*I bet I'll post it next week though, it is SUCH great therapy :o)


MamaBear said...

Sam had that shirt as a baby. It took me a long time (he was almost 2) before I gave him a buzz cut.

Snug looks so handsome!

Thanks for the new blog suggestions!

MelArcile said...

So, I found this blog through MckMama and I thought it was wildly entertaining and funny. Thought you might like it too. They are running a contest, and I'm trying to help out my friend, The Assistant Ringmaster. Hope things are well, cousin!

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Check out BlogBaby to learn why we are playing "The Telephone Game" and how you can get in on it.

suzannah said...

thanks for the link!

wow, he does look old for 2 1/2! supercute haircut, though:) i wonder if my little one will have enough hair by then to require a cut!