Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Another Tuesday? Never.

I just wanted to post some pictures of the kids first. After those, I'll give the news from the Drays today. I love this one, and I think Mother Hen's mom will too...when I develop some. I haven't been able to develop since October. She looks like she could be his sister in this picture.

This is my FAVORITE new picture. Look how happy Snug is to be helping with Baby J.

Do you love our new tub? We do! You can see Baby J's tub in the big one...he isn't sitting unassisted in water. I let Snug hold him for a quick sec while I snapped a couple of pictures. I couldn't get Baby J to look at me for anything though.
I am sure I am violating every copyright law known to man by posting Baby J's 7 month pictures this way...but I had to share them. They turned out so cute. Seeing the one in his diaper remindes me...I got 11 Swaddlebees diaper covers/pocket diapers...depends on how you use them, and 3 bamboo liners for $24 today from Craigslist. That was such a good deal. The girl I bought them from was really nice and generous. The original deal was 8 diapers. She threw in the rest.

Ok, so it is never just Tuesday here. Between getting Craigslist things, preschool schedule, and a playdate we had a busy day.

We also found out some news about #1 that isn't great. He has Graves Disease. We're not sharing a whole lot at this point, but it explains so much about the last few weeks. Please be praying for him and some decisions we have to make. So is it just another Tuesday? Nope!


CFHusband said...

I know you didn't mean anything malicious by your comment about me...I like to find everyone who mentions us in their blog and leave a comment to say "thanks".

Tricia's parents already have several grandkids, so their names (PopPop and Grandma) are already set. Gwyneth is the first grandkid for my parents, so they get to choose what they want to be called. My mom wants "grandmommy" and my dad hasn't figured it out yet, so we refer to him as "old man".

The Alburger Family said...

Praying for you all!

All Things Family said...

Will be praying for you with Graves Disease..know nothing about it.

Cute cute pics..and LOVE the 7 month pics of baby J! super cute!

David said...

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Jenney said...

okay...don't know who that "David" person is...pretty sure it is an advertisement of some sort...I have NEVER (ok, so now that I've said that some freak thing will happen and I will) used wads of, or any, toilet paper on my cloth diapers at all. IMSE VIMSE liners baby!