Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

I saw this on It's Twinsanity today and thought it looked fun...then when I saw it again on 4 Love of Family I decided to investigate. Turns out this post is open to anyone, as long as they link back to 4 Little Men and Girly Twins. I can do that! This is my tenth folder of my picture folders, fifth from the end, as directed. I looked at my picture files under "My Computer" and found the picture...when I went into Blogger and went to open it, the files were arranged differently, and I got this picture. Interesting!

This picture brings back memories! Every year we take a family picture to put in a little Creative Memories scrapbook I update each fall. It is our Thanksgiving album and we put in the picture and write what we are most thankful for that year. This is one of the pictures, but not the one we chose because Meechie (RIP), Chester, and yours truly are not looking at the camera. We are sitting on our front porch, and apparently it had been raining. We had been married for 1 year 2 1/2 months at this point. No kids yet...but a year from then we had Snug, and 3 years from then Baby J. And yes, for those of you who are not my IRL (in real life) friends, my Lucy dog only has 3 are not seeing things.

BTW, never posted it yesterday, but Crystal, you win on the EYE SPY contest...the eight items are as follows:

1. Wooden Block set-generic
2. Carter's block set
3. Bob the Builder Scoop truck
4. Baby Einstein "Dogs" book
5. Small dinosaur from ????
6. Red die
7. Wooden airplane from Target dollar spot
8. Inside (can't think of library term) of Kevin Henke's "Kittens First Full Moon"

Deb, you were close...but it was indeed Scoop. We own Scoop and Rolly...and I wish I had more...they are favorites here. I priced them on E-Bay and they are pricey...we got these ones with some hand-me-downs. Crystal, I will contact you personally!


Mighty M said...

I like your picture. You have a very nice looking menagerie of animals there! Have a nice day!

CrysRich said...

I'm sure I have Bob the Builder toys my kids no longer play with...we got rid of a lot of them awhile back, but if I can round any up, I'll send them your way!

Amanda said...

That eye spy idea is so neat! I love your header picture. Can't wait to stop back and read your not mes!

God bless-

MamaBear said...

Sam played with BTB toys for a year straight. They were his FAVORITE. I loved that they were small and portable.
I have some new ones that I'd be willing to sell. (They're in the package)

Let me know which ones you're looking for. I'd be happy to give you a deal.

Tami said...

awww...don't discontinue eye spy! I'll play along! I need to go down further to see what the contest do you play?