Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Funny Pages

Before starting my post, I'd like to ask you to pray for Donna Harvey's family. You can read her blog by clicking the link "living for the line" on my blog list. "Miss O'Neal" as I knew her, was a teacher in my elementary school. I was in her class only a few days as we "practiced" for junior high, but she was always smiling and greeting us in the hallway, even if we were not her students. She has battled with cancer three times now, and God decided it was time to take her home on Wednesday. She leaves two daughters and a husband. Isn't it great to know a Savior who will not give us more than we can bear, and delivers us to his arms upon death? He saves us from our sin, forgives us of our blunders, loves us as we are, and assures us of his power. Donna knew that and today she is in heaven with him.

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We are currently in Michigan right now because I have a CILT meeting this weekend. I am the CILT (campers in leadership training) instructor for our camp. This new group of girls should be interesting for me because they started last summer when I was having Baby I don't rally even know them! I got a ride to Michigan with Ptarmi, our camp's executive director because we are back down to one vehicle (thankfully it is the van that works). She and I spent the day yesterday at Cedarville University recruiting staff for this summer. Baby J was a big draw for the college age girls, but so far no definite "yesses" as to working with us this summer. Snug enjoyed a daddy day.

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Mother Hen starts me off this week. We had almost 60 deg weather on Wednesday so I took the kids outside to burn off some energy. While playing with a ball in the front yard, she observed "Hey! The grass is almost here now!". Truth be told, it looks greener and nicer right now than it did most of the summer!

So Snug had a daddy day (still no more updates on his health, waiting...). On their way to Cedarville to drop him off so I could bring him with us to Michigan...

Snug-"Daddy where goin?"

#1-"to go see mommy"

Snug-"Is mommy this way?"


Snug-"I hear her"

#1-"you have good ears!" (they are still in the car, I'm in a building)


My parents are really great and they keep baby/kids stuff here so we don't have to drag so much back and forth. Baby J was sitting in a bouncy seat today and I was trying to get one of his belly laughs out of him. I do this by nuzzling his neck and tummy and saying "I get you!" Ok, so I'm dumb, but it works. Anyway, as we are doing that, the bouncy seat FALLS APART and Baby J almost rolls to the ground! As I lift him out, I notice that on the front of the seat in large letters it says "Safety 1st". Ha. Safety is NOT using your product. Oh well, as Snug pointed out "Pop Pop Fik it!"


Deb said...

Have fun in Michigan! Sad that you are away from the hubs for Valentine's day.... at least you have your 2 other favorite boys!
And sorry for your loss... but I'm glad you'll get to see her again someday :)

All Things Family said...

Hey, hope you're having fun in Michigan. Here's the link on amazon to those crayons..I got them at a local kids store, but I got the 30 pack, that's all they had...I pd 14 for that pack. They are really thick, and Zaden throws them off his highchair and they haven't I think they'll last a while