Friday, February 27, 2009

8 Month Picture

Happy 8th month birthday Baby J...sorry it was such a stressful day...
You're pretty special little guy! We love you very much.

*Walked into the lactation specialists office a consult today, but they were slammed ...nothing they can do...nothing they can see wrong from a breastfeeding down, several more to go.


The Alburger Family said...

Wow J really looks like Matt in those pics!

Praying for you all! In the midst of all the stress remember to take some time to breathe and try to relax our you'll get burned out too.

Love you all!

Kim M said...

What great pictures baby J! I love those eyes! Keep loving your family and reminding them that God is with all of you right now as always!
You guys are loved - wish I could be there to be loving on all of you but this little reminder will have to do for now!
Aunt Kimmie

Christine said...

that first picture of baby J is adorable! love it. :)

suzannah said...

those eyelashes!!! gorgeous.

wanted to share with you that my nephew didn't say anything until he was two--no words, syllables, or anything. (and i'm pretty sure there were a few other points of developmental concern.) they were so worried, but he eventually talked in his own good time. today he is the happiest, healthiest four year old you could meet, and his language is on par with his peers. praying for you guys as you wait, wonder, and trust.