Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Like A Good Neighbor, We Are Not Here

Oh how I wish I was posting a Wordless Wednesday...but I have only been able to take one picture since Sunday with Snug's "photo shoot" because my camera cards are FULL. I have not budgeted the money to develop photos since October. I could, but there are other things that have been more important. Then I got a giftcard to Wal-Mart for Christmas that would have developed one card*. When I had the time to use it, I couldn't find it anywhere. I have searched the house is gone. Soooo I budgeted enough in March that I could print 1/2 a card once we get paid. Stay tuned for pictures...

Did you do a double take with my title? It sounds a bit harsh, but I really feel that way. Back in September when we had our hurricane I promised myself that we would all be together more as neighbors. Well, it has partly happened. We have been over to our one neighbor's house at least once every two to three weeks for dinner, or a birthday, or the Superbowl. I go over and visit our other next door neighbor a couple of times a month and try to take some dinner to her weekly. But there is one thing I knew I needed to do more, and just have not. I need to have people our our space. I am not very neighborly in that way. Part of it is #1's work schedule, only being off on weeknights, no weekends. That doesn't make entertaining very easy. Another part of it is when the daycare kids walk out the door, sometimes as late as 5:00 I am so tired, and I don't want to clean for a new bunch of people right away. But when is it easy? Is it easy for our neighbors who both work full-time? No, but they are still faithful in inviting us over.

So as I planned dinner tonight (and had a Not Me! yeast style) and saw how much food we'd have and was so thankful our bathroom is (almost**) done I asked #1 if we should have our neighbors over for pizza. He readily agreed, seems how our 2 neighbor kids were already at our house*** and we had a ton of dough. I made a couple of quick phone calls and wah-la! Dinner party! And man was it fun. The only downside was I missed my mom's Bible study tonight at church and I love that group of women. Deb, I know you read and I am so sorry! I truly missed you guys!

It was so nice to sit around and talk and just enjoy our neighbors. And you know what? It wasn't that hard to get ready. No one cared what my house looked like (although for the record it was in pretty good shape ;o) and no one cared that we had pizza and carrot sticks and they had to bring their own drinks. So, I want us to be more "Like a good neighbor, the Drays will be here...not like a good neighbor, the Drays are not here."

*We have several camera cards because a generous friend gave us his camera and cards...that is partly why I am taking my photography class...I have a nice camera and no idea how to use it!
**I have to make a curtain for the window...other than that it is 100% done tonight!!!!!
***I tutor our neighbor's son and his sister comes over and plays with the boys


Deb said...

I actually couldnt go because I had LOTS of yuckiness to drink for my *super fun* test tomorrow. And I had to drink it between 6-8pm. So who knows what the group looked like tonight without us :(
Also- you can develop pictures off a USBdrive (I think that's what they are called)- they are really cheap ($5?) and hold tons of pictures (depending on how big you get) so you could load a card or 2 or 3 onto that until you have time/money to get it developed. And then you could dump your cards so you can continue to treat us all to the cuteness. :) Just an idea.
COngrats on having your neighbors over! Our neighbors are awesome (when it's warm and we see them- haha) and we always say that we need to have them over- a few different families on our street- and we still havent. We're bad neighbors too I guess :(

suzannah said...

it is so nice to get together at the last minute, not plan any sort of big to-do menu, and just enjoy being together:)

old friend visited us tonight spur-of-the-moment, and we enjoyed pancakes and sausage. love it!

All Things Family said...

I put all my pics on Picasa 3 (free google program I downloaded) you can upload to walgreens, shutterfly, snapfish, etc from there, and print/develop your pics when you want...and watch for specials ! I delete my pics from my card after I almost daily at this point! Anyways...thought I'd share! I usually go thru once i either have extra money, a coupon, or need to send pics to a grandparent and batch print the really good ones, and just let the ok ones sit in my computer for the rest of time :) You can also burn to a disc from Picasa and then take the disc to the place you get your pics printed (walmart) and print straight from there....just trying to help...I hate missing good photo ops due to a full camera card

MelArcile said...

The answers to your questions:
Yes, that was a taggie blanket. Grayson loves both of the ones we have. I think he loves the prints of the fabrics. He enjoys the taggies and buttons too.
Yes, we do have the same chairs as my parents. They are my parents! It was our "gift" when we told them we were pregnant with Jayce.
I too didn't like Grandma's mac n' cheese growing up. I also looked forward to the box stuff - I believe we were the reason she made it too. However, I love the baked stuff now. It's one of my favorite meals.
Lastly, there are the beginnings of teeth in Grayson's mouth. They've been there for about a month now. I think they are trying to poke their way through now. Makes for fun nights...

MelArcile said...

Oh yeah, why don't you download your pictures to your computer?