Sunday, February 1, 2009


Serious.Life MagazineToday I am advertising! Not Me Monday will be up later (nighttime)...but right now I want to do some advertising. This being my blog I will go ahead and do so. I hope you check some of these FREE* things out :o)
*Use your local library to get books before you decide to buy...ok so this is semi-free

First up today is MAGAZINE. I have Abby's button on the side of my blog as a reminder to pray for her and the Rigg's family. February's issue comes out today (if you are reading Monday...tomorrow if you are reading Sunday), and I hope you click over and read it. You can click on the "pray for Abby" button and then once on their site click on the magazine. It is free to read! It is worth your time!!!! is a great read. I just finished up December's issue. I love that it is paperless (yeah environment!), chocked full of scriptures, and December had many articles that I was interested in. I loved the article on 100% down, not taking 'low monthly payment' routes, of course that goes right with Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University! I also was interested in the article about parabens, one of the reasons we switched to Melaleuca. This magazine has a big emphasis on adoption (since their own family has adopted several children) and ministry. Check them out!

My next advertisement is for Jellytelly. Jellytelly is a super kid-oriented, scripture based online show. We love it because it incorporates learning about the Bible (right now specific books in the old testament and how they came to be) along with humor and skits. Snug loves it because all the voices are the same as "Bob N Narry" (aka Veggie Tales), it has puppets, and music videos. You can watch it anytime of the day, and it only lasts 30 minutes. Weekends sport a family movie (more than 30 min.) that can be viewed anytime on Saturday or Sunday. Check them out!

My last advertisement of the day is "bringing up BOYS" by Dr. James Dobson.
I am so excited to have other people read it, and #1 is going to start it (hopefully) tonight at work...running traffic post will be boring seems how everyone else will be at Super Bowl parties. If you have a boy, a grandson, or are a teacher, PLEASE read this. Get it from your library if you want to see if it is for you (it is) and then go ahead and get yourself a copy if/when you love it. Get it on Amazon used for cheaper if you want!


Gary said...

I love our blog...
Thanks for advertising Jellytelly!!!


All Things Family said...

Hey...on the names...when I told my hubby that you didn't get to name your boys he was so amused by the thought that some other woman let her hubby have more of a say! Not me! We like the following, but haven't picked one yet....


Will keep ya posted!

MelArcile said...

I'm sad there's no Not Me! Monday post!!