Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love From Michigan

If I weren't so lazy I'd go ask my dad (Pop Pop) to find the cord to hook to the computer from my camera...but everyone under the age of 3 is napping and I think someone over the age of 3, who is supposed to be getting ready to teach at church tonight, is also napping, so I will just blog and post pics later.
Happy Valentine's Day!  I know, better late than never.  Yesterday was very busy.  My dad and I left for the camp office about 7:30 and the normal 45 min. drive took 1 1/2 hours due to a snow storm.  All of the camp board members (Dad's meeting) and all of my CILTS* (my meeting) made it safely though, praise God!  Both meetings were really productive, and we met up as a large group for lunch.  I felt like the new kid  in school after missing this summer with the girls while I was having Baby J, but they are a nice group and we settled in easily.  My friend Claire let us use her apartment since the board was using the camp office.  I have to say were were very spoiled getting to be in a comfy living room instead of metal folding/green UGLY chairs and tables.  Baby J went with me, as I rarely leave him more than an hour due to me being his main source of food.  He and Claire and Toree were instant buddies, and my girls gave him quite a bit of attention.  At one time he was hearing 4 languages at the same time.  At least the trip was educational.  Anyway, it was a great time of lectures, eating, fellowship, and requirement signing off by all.
We didn't get back home until 7:30pm, where upon arriving, Snug announced that there was "Cake on the tabool dowsteers".  He and my mom kept my mom very busy all day and they made a Valentine's party for us.  The party was complete with balloons, a hot dog roast, a cake, and a rosebush #1 had mailed to me here!  That was a nice surprise.
So I hope your Valentine's Day was lovely, and I will post my Not Me's when I get back to Ohio sometimes tomorrow!
*Campers In Leadership Training

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