Friday, February 6, 2009

Mitt, This Is For You-And They ARE NOT Tights

71%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mitt, you are always talking about your blog addiction...I found this when I was reading Carrie's blog today and thought of I took it...and I bet you will too!

And now..they are NOT tights. BabyLegs are not tights...more...legwarmers. Ok, ok, they look like tights in the video...but I'll have to take some better pics. You can search babylegs or skidpants, they are on the market as both. We have this problem with Baby J's pants and socks not meeting up...look at the picture below. This is the ONLY pair of socks we have for him that can pull up like that. Now that he is 'moving' his pants ride up constantly...the same thing happened to Snug too (still does).

Usually there is a 6 inch gap between socks and pantleg. It is cold out people...and his legs are actually getting chaffed. So, after inquiring what I could do about this I discovered BabyLegs. They have no feet or 'crotch' to them...they are independent of each other. On Baby J they are actually kinda loose (I even can pull them over his feet if I want), but I tried them on Snug and they fit him too. We have striped ones too, not just jolly rogers. They also help once you are potty training. Snug ran around in underoos and no pants for quite a few days. Since these don't go more than thigh-high there is nothing to take off when you go to the bathroom, and the underoos slide off them easily...and then they have something on their legs! set at 63...cold house...not pants=not comfortable.

They are not tights! I promise! These are a winter/potty training thing. *sigh*


MelArcile said...

I took your quiz. I got 80%, but Jeremy differed on some of the questions... so maybe I'm actually higher. I would have guessed it might have been higher... I'm totally obsessed!

MamaBear said...

I'm scared to retake the test, but you know I will. :)

MelArcile said...

I stand corrected. :)

CrysRich said...

I just wish they made BabyLegs for adults! I've always thought they were so cute but could never bring myself to spend the money on them...I asked my mom to make some for G a long time ago, I even gave her the step-by-step instructions...I guess she never got around to it! I had actually completely forgotten that until now. :o)