Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Funny Pages

If your kids (or dogs, or cats, lets be fair here) did something funny this week put up a post about it so others can giggle, laugh, snort, or wonder why on earth you thought it was funny. You need to then go to and leave a comment. Share the funnies this Friday.

Lots of goofy things happen here daily, that just is part and parcel to having a houseful of preschoolers and toddlers 8 hours a day. I usually write mostly about Snug because, well, he's mine :o) However, I'll include some Draycare funnies too.

First up is E. She is almost 2 and talks up a storm. She has this babydoll that she got for Christmas (#1 and her own mother think it looks like an alien, I think it is cute enough but I digress). Lately she keeps calling it "bebe yive". I don't really think much about it because frankly, I could care less what she calls it. Her mom though wanted to know what she was saying. She kept asking her to repeat it and E got frustrated and slammed (I can't think of another way or a nicer way to describe the action) the baby doll's head on the carpet and yelled "baby yive" again. I asked her mom if perhaps she was saying "Baby Alive" because I think there is a doll called that (Baby Alive apparently 'eats' and then 'poos', really people? Isn't that is a bit much?) and I've heard TV commercials for it. Her mom didn't know, but today when 'alien baby' returned indeed she has been saying "Baby Alive". She had seen the commercial. Ok, so the funny part is she is yelling Baby alive while smashing its head in the floor. We need to define alive for her. I just hope she doesn't get the eating/pooing doll because frankly I have enough of that around here already.

Snug has two this week. First, he has a nice collection of toy cars from the movie "Cars". He calls the red one (Lightning McQueen) his "queen car". Not terribly hilarious, but cute.

His second is funny, he kept talking about "Baby J's applesaucer". He kept telling me "Baby J wants applesaucer mama". I kept informing him that although Baby J indeed loves applesauce it wasn't time to feed him. Finally #1 figured out that he thought Baby J wanted to be in his exersaucer (a large round thing that he sits in and plays with toys for those of you who are still confused). I'm not sure Baby J indeed wanted the 'applesaucer' but I do know a certain 2 1/2 year old who likes to play with the toys around the edge as his baby brother looks on adoringly.

I leave you with a video of Baby J playing today that I am posting for my mom because I know she is missing her grandbabies (and we miss her too). Check out his cute BabyLegs that just came in the mail today :o) We aren't huge skull and cross bones people, but when buying your baby boy 'tights' you had better go with the most masculine ones on the market!


All Things Family said...

cute funny pages! Love the baby legs! I always think they look like leggings..but I agree, skull and crossbones are acceptable for a boy! Very masculine choice!

MelArcile said...

question: Why tights for baby J?? Cute outfit, though. We love the exersaucer and Lightning McQueen here too... again, we are so alike.

Tami said...

haha...I love reading everyone's funny pages! I'm glad I saw your blog through Melissa's! Seems like you're busy! How do you have the energy? I work at the kid's preschool the two mornings they are there and that wears me out!