Friday, January 14, 2011

9 Months Young

9 months!
Six teeth.
15 lbs, 11 oz.
25 7/8 inches.

Pulls to a stand.
Goes from a sit to her belly and then back to a sit.
Waves "bye bye".
Crawls backwards well, is exploring the idea of crawling forwards without too many faceplants.

Can't believe she's 9 months old.
Can you?


Jenilee said...

Look at that cute baby! Oh! Love her! :) I linked back to your post today about Officer Hopper. Hope that's ok!

CM said...

Wow, 9 months! Where did time go? That first pic of her makes her look so big! She's a cutie, she looks just like her mama!

Bethany said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I love her....and how much I love kissing her. I mean, I could mention it again.

CupcakeLiz said...

Oh my goodness, NO! I can't believe she's this big.... already!?!?! Really??? They get so big so fast!! I know I know it, b/c I have my own two, but it still amazes me how fast the time love milestones, but I always end up a little teary over the fact that they've made it to to the hormones.. ;) :) Congrats on a healthy and super happy lil girl!! :)

Kim M said...

She is a cutie! I cannot say "I cannot believe how big she is" because she is NOT big, she is getting older though!!!

Amanda said...

NO!! I cant! But man is she gorgeous!