Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Plug

I've mentioned before that I volunteer for the summer camp where I grew up. In the summer (and throughout the winter months as well) a friend of mine and I train teenage girls to be counselors. The program is called CILT (Campers In Leadership Training) and the programs is rigorous.

The girls learn how to care for and lead children, as well as how to teach a specialization (canoeing, horsemanship, crafts, swimming, riflery, etc). But there is so much more than that. They are taught how to best show campers the love of Christ, how to lead a camper to Christ if the child shows that desire, and how to minister to kids coming from many difficult situations. They also learn how to do the hard stuff like report if a child has been abused, perform CPR and first aide, and use appropriate discipline if the need arises.

This camp has meant so much to me. Working there with three small children is not easy, and I am blessed to have my kids staying within an hour from the camp with family members during my two week stay. This may be my last summer being the CILT instructor, something that both saddens and relieves me. I know it will be forever closing a huge chapter in my life, but I also know that it is stressful to have mommy gone for 2 weeks plus multiple weekends during the year.

I became a believer at a different camp, but this one definitely has helped me to grow in the Lord and the CILT program (I went through it as a teenager) really shaped who I am today.

I got an e-mail today from a former CILT and she is doing (with camp board permission and all of the copyright things are also taken care of) an album of camp music. I am so excited about this project. At our camp we SING. A lot. Music and worship out in the woods, around a campfire, and following each meal is a big part of who we are as a camp. I wanted to share this link with you, not only because I love camp so much, but also because I am so proud of the kids young men and women featured in it. Almost all of them have been my campers, CILTS, or staff kids (as in they were preschoolers and I watched them while their moms worked!). I am so thankful that they are serving the Lord back at camp as staff members and that SuAnn has taken this project on.

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Bethie said...

YAY SueAnn!!! Isn't this great? And... Thanks for your call the other day! Hopefully I can return your call this weekend or early this week... we have to talk!!