Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AAARRRGGGG (No, I am not a pirate)

I would just like to do a huge THANK YOU MR. COMPUTER....aka my brother Nate.



I could not.

Use my e-mails.

(I could read, not reply).



I could not.

Get into Blogger.

I'm seriously thinking about WordPress.

However, Mr. Computer saved the day. Again.

Mr. Computer spent another two hours or so working on my computer.

Know how?

He took control.


He literally got INTO my computer (he lives more than 24 hours away by car).


It was SUPER weird to see my mouse clicking and moving and doing things. Without ever moving.

Super weird.

He could see my screen, my e-mail, my blog, my documents. EVERYTHING.

He got rid of Internet Explorer.

He put in Google Chrome.

And Firefox.

He deleted cookies.

I ate cookies.

He said I also had "cache" problems (pronounced "cash").

I already knew I had cash problems...it's why we have a tight budget!

That was a joke.

But he did a whole bunch of very spiffy things.

And now my computer works. Mostly.

He and I are going to work on exporting (?) my blog to another location.

Cause I can't take this.


Thank you Mr. Computer.

And BTW.

I emptied my 356 inbox.

You're Welcome.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I've been thinking about moving to Word Press too, but it's the paying for a domain that's holding me back. Let me know how it works out for you.

And glad Mr. Computer got you back to work! :-)

Kim M said...

I have had IT support take over my computer at work, it is very weird. So glad your brother could help you out. I know he your s-i-l love to see the kiddos on your blog!

Anonymous said...

wordpress.com is free if you want to go that route....I signed up for one months ago...I was going to move my blog, but never got around to actually updating my blog, so figured it didn't matter since I'm on hiatus...lol... I've decided I'll figure it out if I really want to blog again.... :)