Sunday, January 9, 2011

In The Line Of Duty

Officer Hopper was killed in the line of duty January 1, 2011. She was ambushed when responding to a complaint at a trailer park in what seemed to be a routine call. A man was shooting a gun at his neighbors (typical New Year's Day stuff) and they called 911. I'm sure many of you heard about this on the news as it was a national headline.

She did not work for my husband's department, rather one that is even in a different county. However, we knew several people, including officers, who knew/knew of her.

But when a fellow officer is killed, it doesn't matter if you knew them or not. Officers from around the country and even Canada came to pay their respects. My husband was in attendance Friday. He took some pictures on his cell phone.
These are the patrol cars, the furthest coming from LAPD parked and ready to be part of the processional. The funeral started an hour late because so many people were there. The church was packed, and two gymnasiums were filled with people standing shoulder to shoulder viewing video screens. Along with friends and family, thousands of police officers were there. There were 2,000 patrol cars with 2-4 officers per car. I know her family probably barely remembers the events of the day. But her department knows the support shown, and they need it as much as the family.
People lined the streets and the schools let out early so the children could stand along the route and pay their respects. The news coverage showed the incredible respect people had for this officer and her department.
Here is the good news. Yes, there can be good news even in this tragedy. Along with being a wife and mother of two boys, she was herself a child of God. She was a known believer and the gospel was shared openly at her funeral. Thousands of people both in attendance and via the media heard the Good News. Please pray for her family and the department as this is such a hard time for them. But rejoice with me that she is in heaven, and that through her life others may come to know Him.


CM said...

So sad. Just today I read about it. It especially hits home for me, now that I'm back out on patrol and being a mom. I'm glad to hear she was a believer.

Sorry for the loss. I know it's hard, even if you don't know the person. It hits home even when it's a neighboring agency. My prayers go out to her family, her children, and her co-workers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a testimony to so many! I must be totally out of the loop (although I was out of commission for about a week with the stomach flu/yuckiness), but is this the shooting from Ohio??
What amazing respect fellow officers have for their fallen!
Thanks for sharing this, Jenney!

Jenilee said...

I heard about it and wondered if you knew her. I'm sure though that it really doesn't matter if you do... you have something in common with her family. I'm so glad that she was a believer and that so many heard the gospel through her life and death. what an amazing testimony!

Meadowlark said...

Heart-wrenching, but yes - maybe some souls will be gained for the Kingdom.

Peace to you.