Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I don't feel like I blog about a HUGE part of our lives very much. Some of you may think that I blog about it too much. Today's post is about my job. So if you are the latter, come back tomorrow.

I tell my moms that I sit for that I will do my best to treat their kids like they are my own (ok, within reason. I don't spank their kids and there are some places in our house that are off limits to non-dwellers). And I strive to do that everyday.

I got a new baby today. She is just shy of 3 months old. We had a great day with her (despite some jealousy/confusion on Rosebud's end and lack of napping on her end) and will get to enjoy her 1-2 days a week. I have to remember how young she is as she is within 2 pounds and an inch or so of Rosebud. Note to self: Does not sit up, entertain self with toys, or crawl away from pestering boys. Also. I don't know how moms of twins do it. Cause 2 babies is HARD.

Although Snug and Little M go to a pre-k class twice a week, and although I have no intentions at this time to formally homeschool my kids, I do feel that home is their first school. And I do "homeschool" everyone in this house who are over the age of 3 and willing. I love doing discovery projects with the kids based on questions or observations they have.

Lately we've had a good dose of snow, and have been talking about/reading about/discovering new things about it. Yesterday we put on our science hats (not literally) and got busy.
I sent the big boys outside with the plastic trays we use for grilling out. They are always wanting to eat the snow outside and I'm always telling them not to. This experiment was "why not?". They made the hypothesis ahead of time that they shouldn't eat snow off the ground because it might get dirt in it. But the falling snow they thought was perfectly great.

One stood and collected falling flakes, one scooped from the ground.
I made up a sheet for the kids to put their names on (to feel nice and official) and then I recorded their answers to the questions.

They were very serious about the task.

Both boys thought that the snow from the ground would contain some dirt when it melted, but they weren't sure if the falling snow would be clean or not. They also thought all of the dirt would come from the actual ground itself.

They were surprised about all the little specks of dirt left as the snow melted-both in the snow from the ground and the snow that they caught as it fell. It paved the way to talking about how snowflakes are formed, pollution in our air, and why on earth there were so many bubbles in the snow as it melted.

While we do stories, experiments, field trips, library hour, and playdates, every day is not full of educational activities that inspire them to learn and create. There are days that we barely survive and they watch a full two hour movie instead of their usual 30 minutes. Sometimes I lose my temper. I don't always cook nutritious meals. Sometimes we have mac and cheese. But I do try to make this a home-like environment where they feel loved and cared for while their parents are away. Because that is what I would want for my kids.

Sometimes things just make me laugh. After writing this post I went over and read Amanda's blog and from something she posted discovered this. Enjoy (read to the end to see why I was laughing)


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

If I would send my kids to day care, I would send them to yours. Provided, of course, that we moved to Ohio. ;-)

Loved your comment on my blog. :-) I'm very anal about keeping up with holidays. Valentines will come out in the house this week!

CM said...

Oh, I wish my daycare provider was so creative! Wow, way cool experiment, perfect for their ages.

By the way, don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot blog about...I love hearing it all!

mrs. fuzz said...

You are so cool! i've been wondering how clean snow is. I've always been told not to eat it and I wondered if it was okay to eat the stuff falling from the sky. . .

I did see Stephanie over at Because of Love made snow cream for her little girl and I thought that sounded like such a fun idea. You add milk and other toppings to snow and eat it. Would you do this now after what you learned? :)

Amanda said...

That is too funny!!! I love it. And MAN you work hard... two babies is totally tough!!!

Tina @ Mamas Like Me said...

I feel like I'm reading about my life. I, too, am a mother of (almost) 4 (one on the way) and do in-home daycare. It is much harder than being in the classroom! I definitely know what it's like to "survive" some days :) Thanks for sharing!!