Saturday, January 8, 2011

OK. I know these pictures are quite tardy. However, our family computer won't let me log in (again) to blogger and I am using my photo editing computer that is close to seven years old. It is SLOW. All I ever use it for editing! Each picture takes at least 5 minutes to upload, and don't you dare try to do two at a time. No idea what is going on. So frustrating. But I am glad to get to share Christmas pictures. They are in no particular order. They are just lucky to be posted!
Christmas morning under the tree. Rosebud's first Christmas. So exciting!
Each boy got a pair of gardening gloves. I want them to help in our garden this spring, and figure some kid-friendly equipment couldn't hurt! Little Monkey Man, whose real name is just so sweet and fitting of him...I just want to use it but I am trying to protect their identities, had a great time. He especially loved everything his brother got. We really could have switched everything and neither boy would have known or cared!

Snug was elated to open stockings. At least this year I remembered to wrap his :O) He got some normal useful things, but also some Matchbox "Cars" cars. And a little washcloth that was really small and then when you put it in the bathtub it gets big. It has Diego on it, and he told his Sunday School teacher the next day it was his favorite present. Really? He got a bike for heaven's sake! (Yes, I know he got a bike for his birthday too...but it was an old one that we tried to restore, and the training wheels broke. We searched online and in stores for replacements as they are a special size. New ones were $20 not including shipping and handling. New bike $29 Black Friday. It was an easy decesion.)

We Skyped with my brother and SIL who live in Florida for a couple of minutes. They watched the kids each open a gift and then the boys modeled their super hero outfits.

Post-afternoon nap Rosebud was all smiles and ready to pose! See her top tooth?

Although she didn't actually open any gifts...and in all truth opened her doll and then went to take her morning nap...she sure was curious about what was under the tree! She got 2 outfits, her doll, and an ornament.

This is the dolly that #1 and I gave Rosebud. It came with a "sling" for babywearing, which she won't be getting for quite awhile.

This is a picture of her Christmas Eve. She is wearing the Christmas dress my mom made for me my first Christmas. And another glimpse of top teeth.

Sorry this took SO long to do. Sorry I am so frustrated :O) Thanks for enjoying our Christmas pictures.

**When I try to log into my blog on our family computer, I get the message:

Internet Explorer cannot dsplay the webpage
What you can try:
Diagnose connection Problems

I can get anywhere but to Blogger-no connection problems. Any suggestions?


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I loved your pictures! Rosebud is sooooo sweet. I wish we lived closer! When did Snug get his fauxhawk?

Nate said...

Mr. Computer sez: Don't use Internet Explorer! :) my sister should know better! Internet Explorer is the fastest way to get a virus, adware and you'll be frustrated time and again that your favorite websites don't work properly. It is a poor Peice I'd software the Microsoft seems intent on adding more "features" to without ever fixing it's underlying problems. Did I rant enough? or should fix your problems nicely. :)

fegingerich said...

OH precious Christmas pictures!!!! I LOVE Rosebud's teeth! Makes for the cutest smile!!!!
Okay, question: Did you happen to get her a doll that is black or is it just the color of my computer??? :)If so, where did you get it??? We have really been looking for black dolls as we are hoping for Ethiopian twin girls! :) Cultural dolls have really been a challenge to find!

CupcakeLiz said...

I was running into problems with blogger awhile back and we switched to mozilla....everything was fine then....sorry I'm no help..maybe just switching your browser will help......

SUPER cute pics of the kiddos!!! :)

Liz K said...

love the photos! So sorry the system is being stupid!

Jenilee said...

rosebud is adorable!!! and those teeth! :) so cute. Sorry about all of your computer problems. that is so frustrating!! I read what MR. Computer said. I do still use int. explorer but my husband is all firefox. He keeps telling me to switch too. maybe that is it?

how is draycare going?

Rebecca said...

Oh don't worry about the late pic postings. Whoot! Rosebud's first christmas! So cute. Oh I love that you gave Rosebud a dolly that's other than Caucasian. We did the same for our daughter. Love the toofers too. Baby J has his bottom two teeth and now the top two are working their way in at the same time. i didn't even take any pics of Baby J's first x-mas. Left that to my mother-in-law and was sad to say that she was not sure how to use her new digital camera so we got a few. nothing I'm wanting to share with the world though ah ha. Computer craze, I've been there. Best,

Deb said...

Better late than never! My sister was posting Thanksgiving stuff a couple days before Christmas. we still have yet to see any Christmas pics!
Yay teeth! I forget that babies get teeth that young. hahaha. Mine get them so late! They all look super cute though!
One of the reasons (a big one) that I still use xanga is because Blogger used to freeze up my whole computer all the time. Especially (sadly) your site.
I would get out of Explorer, too. I have to use it for work, but EVERYTHING else is firefox. So much faster for everything.