Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Bicycles In Bethlehem.

Way back when Snug was potty training a college friend of mine had a meme called "Friday Funny Pages". Her idea was that on Fridays moms could post the funny things their kids had done/said in the past week. Although she doesn't still do it I'm participating. By myself. On a Thursday (Here are my previous participations)

Little Monkey Man has been doing SOOO good with potty training. I take zero credit as it was HIS idea to start using the potty, and then with a little help from me he was completely trained within a week. I'm talking overnight, naps, everything. I'm not saying he never has an accident. But I am saying the extra pair of underwear/jeans/wetbag that has been in his little backpack that always leaves the house with us hasn't been replaced in over a week. Very happy mama. Anywho. He calls the toilet paper "tape". I can't convince him to call it toilet paper. It is "tape."

Along with re-naming the toilet paper, he cannot cannot get the concept of "cold". Whenever he gets cold, he cries "WAAAARRRRRMMMM". We have literally been working on this word for a couple of months. He cannot get the word "cold" into his vocabulary.

Some of LMM's vocabulary mix ups are because of his speech apraxia. While that isn't exactly a funny thing (ok, it is quite a bit of work to tell you the truth) it does lead to some funny things, like I mentioned above. And some downright puzzling ones. We are weaning him off of getting a Skittle after he uses the toilet. If at all possible we just distract him so he forgets and we keep moving with life. When he does remember and I can distract him he calls it "Canny Cane". But you know what he calls actual candy canes ? "Elmos".

I do preschool with my Draycare kids who are 3 and over. This week we did the letter "S" and I made up a stupid song about how a sneaky snake slithered up my rake or something to that effect to sing in the van with those who had to take the drive to and from preschool pick-ups (for those who attend preschool). On the way home, we were singing it again and Snug announced that he had learned a sneaky song at school. I was a little curious about them singing a sneaky song in preschool. He began to sing "Sneaky first the kingdom of God...and His righteousness..." I almost drove off the road. It was so funny.

The other night I was reading to Little Monkey and he was laying on top of me looking at the pictures as we laid on the couch. All of a sudden he sat up, turned over, patted my chest and announced "MILK!". Then he laid back down so I could resume reading. Oh dear.

And finally, again in the van on the way home from...somewhere this week, Snug was not happy about sitting in "traffic*". I explained that even though we were not going very fast, it was still faster than how it would be if there were no cars. I asked him what people did before cars were invented, and he had no clue. I asked him how we'd get places if we didn't have a car and he ended up coming up with a bike. I was trying to get him to realize that way back when people had to walk or ride horses. I asked him how Mary and Joseph got to Bethlehem thinking he'd come up with an answer along the lines of "a donkey". He got all indignant and said "MOM There were no bicycles in Bethlehem!!!"

Maybe you have to be here. But some things they do just are really funny.

*It always makes me laugh when I think of what we call traffic here. 90% of the time our "traffic" was normal driving where I grew up.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

:-) I will forever call Candy Canes Elmos, from this day forward. Love it.

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

adorable! i love the stuff they come up with.

Jenilee said...

he is so cute. Annalise always gets things like that messed up. right now her word is "but I'm JEALOUS of that!" and what she means is "I'm nervous." She used to get warm/cold mixed up too. :) and thanks about my header! :)

Kim M said...

Fun post - made me smile.

Rebecca said...

ah ha love that your little guy calls the TP "tape" so cool. My daughter is 3 and knows she's going in her diaper. (just posted on that) but refuses to sit on her potty and try. She's gone once aside from the usual wait and sit for who knows how long. I really want to get her out of diapers but alas I just purchased some from BJs :-( I'm so jealous that you have a tot trained on the potty!!