Saturday, June 6, 2009

2 Cute 2 Not Post

This is an assortment of pictures taken in the last real post, just some fun pictures!
My cousin Melissa and her parents and her boys "dropped by" on Wednesday afternoon to see us! By dropped by I mean were driving within a half hour of our house on their way back to MI from camping. I love the look on Grayson's face as Baby J tries to climb on him.
I think this might be his revenge out Baby J!

Jayce and Snug got to sit in #1's cruiser, always a good time.

This one is from #1's birthday celebration with my parents. I like how he is looking at Snug in anticipation of him spitting all over the cake helping to blow out the candles candle.

I took this while feeding my sepia fetish this week of Little Miss E's hair. She has great hair!

Yesterday was #1's actual birthday (not to be confused with celebrating with my parents on Wednesday, the Daycare and our family on Thursday, and going out to eat with his parents tonight). We didn't actually do anything for his birthday ON his birthday, but enjoyed a cookout at a park as part of a Greene County Parks volunteer appreciation event. #1 was amused to see that (of the people who attended) I was at least 30 years younger than any other volunteer. I didn't see the humor in it, but he got a good chuckle.
Snug enjoying the sunset over the pond.

Ok, I have 2 more possibilities for I ♥ Faces sepia theme. I thought it was this week, but now I have discovered I was wrong and it starts June 15th. More time for me to get that perfect picture I guess! I like this one...

...and this one. Decisions, decisions.

This little guy is not participating in photo sessions so nicely as of late, but I got one shot of him that I kept. His hair is getting long in the back and I hope to keep it. He also loved the park where we were.
Ok, back to doing the budget! What? It's June 6th? Oops.


Megan said...

Those sepia photos of the boys are great!

All Things Family said...

my vote for the sepia pics are the one of Snug smiling at the camera or the one of baby J sitting by the water...great pics!

Beth Irish said...

Definitely the one smiling at the camera.

CFMama said...

I absolutely LOVE the photograph of #1's Birthday Cake!