Saturday, June 13, 2009

Forgive Me

Forgive me for posting just for posting's sake...but the last post about Snug being sick is way out of date now that he has no fever and is running amuck in the house. Ok, at this moment he is sleeping and Baby J is sucking down another bottle while holding a his shoe* in the other hand.

I just couldn't leave that last post up any longer seems how Snug is out of his funk and back on the town! :o)

*Baby J wears a pair of shoes on average, once every 6 weeks. I tried a pair on him today and was shocked how big his feet have grown. So I went and got the next size shoe, but failed to even have him wear them garage saleing today. Snug wore shoes almost from the day he was born. I love baby shoes, I have no time or patience for them at this point in life. Besides, I think there is some research saying they don't need them/shouldn't have them anyway...


All Things Family said...

Zaden did wear the floppy Robie types of shoes until he was well past 9 months and the only reason I got him some then was b/c he wanted to walk from thing to thing at a playground and got mulch on his socks! I also didn't buy him any real shoes from stride right until he was shoes in this house!

Anonymous said...

I told you his feet were huge! I had a bunch of little shoes for Alex, but he never would keep them on. Once it was about time to walk, he refused if anything was on his feet at all. My sister put some on him after he'd been walking about 6 weeks and he's been in love ever since.
I'm so glad Snug is feeling better! See you at VBS?

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the kind words on my blog. Sometimes women are worse than our enemies. :)