Friday, June 12, 2009

Web MD

The last few days have been so much fun around here. Draycare came to an anti-climatic end on Wednesday when I discovered Snug had a temperature of 101.7. That is nice after I had 7 children at my house for the day. His only other symptoms were he was REALLY cranky, didn't have a great appetite, and had mentioned it hurt when he urinated (not uncommon for him as he had an...injury...there three weeks ago and I thought it was just lingering). Other than that he was out playing with the kids and being pretty "normal".

I guess the fact that he laid on the floor during library time and read a book instead of participating in the monkey themed activities should have given me a clue. I just thought he had a weird obsession with the book called "The V Sound Book". At that point I had 6 children in tow so forgive me for not being super investigative of why one of the most energetic was being calm. I thought it was a blessing.

So as the afternoon wore on and his attitude began to get...stinky (and mine is always rosey, so I have room to talk) I finally gave him a spanking. Really you do not get in your friend's face when she gives you tricycle tips and scream and stomp your feet. Not at our house anyway. I don't know why I didn't notice his temperature at that time....I guess the fact that he was so angry he was spitting nails might have thrown my observations off.

Anyway, as soon as all the kids were gone, I sat down with him to give him some much needed mom time. As I pulled him on my lap I was surprised how HOT he was. Yeah, I felt like Mom of the Year at that point.

SO...he woke up Thursday morning with 101.3-101.5 and Tylenol would take it down to 99.1. Our doctor is of course out of town for the week until Monday afternoon. My children only get sick on holidays, weekends, and Dr. vacations. We're good like that. Actually Snug doesn't get sick very often. He was complaining of tummy, leg, and privates pain. I took him to the Urgent Care here in town, but they didn't treat him. They explained that basically they didn't do kids, esp. ones with belly pain and would end up sending him to Children's which would give us 2 co-pays. The doctor even came out and 'looked' at him without it being on the books. I thought that was nice, but notso nice having to wait until 5:00pm to be seen at Children's.

I took him back home where he nibbled toast, took 4 hours or so to eat a popsicle, and watched DVDs all day. He didn't feel like getting off the couch and took a LONG nap. I want to say it was close to 4 hours long, but I don't remember at this moment so don't quote me.

We decided (#1 and I) to wait until he got home to take Snug to Children's so I wasn't stuck there by myself with two kids. He was supposed to get home at 6, which would get us there by about 6:30...but just like my kids only get sick when there are no doctors available, he only gets late and complicated calls on days we have something going on. If we have nothing planned for the evening he is home at 6:03. If we have plans, he is home by 7....or 8.

Checked into the Urgent Care about 7:20 and left at 10:00. Now, not only did it take forever, Snug freaked out being there. He didn't want to be sick there. He remembers Baby J's stay and was scared to death of what they were going to do to him. Not that he was around for any of Baby J's procedures, but he did see all the tubes and wires and bed with bars. He thought for SURE he was going to be a part of that. So he was screaming and clinging to me. Daddy was the hero and got him to stand on the scale, get his heart listened to, and after an hour of trying, urinate in a cup.

We have a very nice Children's hospital and I've sung its praises before. But the Urgent Care...well...isn't equipped for children to be there for almost 3 hours. We had the one room in the entire hospital (that I've been in) that doesn't have a TV. Even the rooms where Baby J has had blood drawn (think 4x4 here) have TVs. It had 3 toys and about 4 books. We read through them quick. I even went to other rooms and exchanged our books. I guess when you live someplace for a week you feel comfortable making yourself at home. And mom, guess what book was in our room? BAMBI! Remember that? Yeah, I thought #1 would flip when he saw it. Sorry, inside joke from when we were there for a week.

I must also put in that by the time we got to the hospital and Snug got over his hissy fit because the nurse/dr were talking to me he was wired for sound. Gone was the limp little specimen who had moped around the house and refused to eat. He was all over the place, jumping and running and laying on the floor. Really? REALLY????

Although his initial urine sample came back negative for a UTI they are going to let it grow until Saturday because that is what they think he has. Oh, and no fever. Not even a tiny trace.

I had started chaining Tylenol with Children's Advil and it finally broke. Whatever. So this morning he wakes up with PURPLE swollen ears (and hadn't had any new medication yet), a red swollen face, and a rash on his tummy and back. And he's running around like a maniac.

Aren't sick kids just something? I think next time I'll just visit Web MD.


MamaBear said...

Oh brother! You've been through the RINGER the last few days!

Praying for a nice calm (and healthy!) weekend!

(and don't feel bad - every mom has been in your shoes at one time or another - hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20!)

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't have laughed at the story . . . but sorry, it DID make me laugh. Hope today goes better than yesterday! Wish I could be there to help. Hopefully the antibiotics will take care of . . . whatever! Take a nap with your kids today! Mom

Anonymous said...

Alex was the same way when I took him UC the other day. He didnt move off the couch all morning- and then the second he walked in the door- 100% fine. Not even a tiny cough (that at home sounded like he'd been smoking for 30 years). Why is it that just the thought of seeing a doctor makes us magically better, but the second it's over with, we are worse than before? I'll be praying that he feels better soon! And that you can have a less hectic weekend :)

All Things Family said...

So did you ever even figure out what was wrong with him?